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Drivepool+Snapraid Balancing due to Damaged Drive



Recently moved and didn’t have my Drivepool+Snapraid server on for a few months (I also have Scanner).  Finally got it up and running again and noticed Drivepool was attempting to balance.  I thought I had all balancing turned off, but realized one of the drives was now damaged so Drivepool was using the “allow balancing plug-ins to force immediate balancing” via Stablebit Scanner (my understanding is it was trying to move files out of the damaged drive). 

Should I not have “allow balancing plug-ins to force immediate balancing” checked (and not have the Scanner plug-in active) since Snapraid will recreate the files on the new replacement drive?  I get that it can be helpful for Drivepool to remove files off a damaged drive, but since I use this with Snapraid, isn’t it better to just have Snapraid recreate the files on a new drive?  If Drivepool moves files from the damaged drive, that would just mess up sync and add “new” files to the other drives?  Is my understanding correct?

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