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FreeFIleSync error



So trying to backup to a Drivepool consisting of 4x10TB and 4x8TB Seagate Ironwolfs with no parity just duplicated.
It keeps coming up with the following error, seemingly randomly "ERROR_NO_SYSTEM_RESOURCES: Insufficient system resources exist to complete the requested service. [CopyFileEx]"

There is plenty of space on the drives, duplication is setup but i only have a total of 32TB of data to backup so even doubled there'd be plenty of space left over

It by default is only copying to the 4x10TBs atm, even if i use rebalance it only uses the 10TB drives, and if they were the only ones there wouldn't be enough space for everything, could that be the issue?

It's doing it with only a few TB's of data backed up and with any file size

Lastly if i stop the transfer and restart it, it goes further before erroring again.  Cache issue?
OR if i just use "sync selection" instead of letting it work everything out it seems to work.

Asking this on the FFS forum too

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By default a file will normally be copied into the pool using whichever drive within that has the most free space at the time, so if they're all empty it would presumably use the 10TB drives first (and this is the behaviour I see using FreefileSync to back up files to my pool).

How much RAM does the sending and receiving computer(s) have? Do any of the suggestions at https://www.makeuseof.com/insufficient-system-resources-exist-error-windows/ help?

I also found this topic https://freefilesync.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=8868 in the FFS forums, in which the OP discovered the issue was a faulty RAM stick in their computer, so that's another possibility. Another poster suggested editing the LanManServer record in the registry. Note that if editing the registry doesn't help, I recommend reverting the change in case it causes other issues later.

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Thanx.  the recieving has 64GB the sending has 32GB Ram and during the process it's not using all the 32GB. 
Still weird it comes up with that error but if you cancel and resync again it works til it errors on another file. 

Also to note, have no issues with copying to the drives via other means just FFS


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