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Cloud drive read/write performance metrics



I'm seeing a bit of a disconnect between the I/O performance reported via the Cloud Drive UI and the network traffic reported by Windows. In the screenshots I've attached, Cloud Drive is reporting 120 Mbps up and 54.6 Mbps down, but total network traffic reported by Windows is 60 Mbps up and 67 Mbps down. I would expect that traffic to the could drive on Azure storage would be included in the OS's reporting of network throughput. 


Is there something I'm missing here? Trying to gauge the "real" throughput - the downstream seems pretty close, but the upstream seems way off.




Cloud Drive's reporting:



Server 2012's reporting:



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You're using Amazon Cloud Drive, correct?


If so, it does get a lot of errors. Additionally, we enable verification on the drive as well, which may use a lot more traffic.


And could you do this:




Also, what OS is this for specifically?

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Cloud drive is running on Windows Server 2012 R2 and the drive is stored on Azure.


I've had to suspend testing as I've ran into another issue (I've opened an issue for it and am waiting on dev review). Once that is cleared up, if there is still an issue I'll turn on the tracing functionality.

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