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Undocumented Limits?



Greetings All,

I've been using DrivePool on my personal NAS for quite some time and really think it works well.  That setup is working great... consists of 12 drives in a mixed pool of 8TB and 14TB, ~66TB usable.

Where I'm having problems in a much larger pool.  I am re-plotting a bunch of chia, and I'm using drivepool as the final resting place for my plots.  For those wise to the chia, this is my farm, I'm not doing the actual plotting here.  At the moment, it's 1.2PB, made up of 100 14TB drives, with another 34 drives awaiting addition to the pool.    The DrivePool UI is unusable and goes not-responding.

At one point, I had the pool at 108 drives, but I've been removing them a the extremely slow rate of about one per day as I try and figure out what my issue is.  The extra beef is I'm not even half-way to the point I wanted.  I have 6 44-bay, SAS-3 JBODs.

Am I at a practical drive count limit? The direction I've been heading is to split my pools by jbod?  6 seperate volumes, one for each JBOD?  Will drive pool be happier with 6x44?  I just don't know how to proceed.  This seemed like a great solution, but... if it can't scale to this level, I gotta come up with something else.

Thanks for your brain time on this... I'd really appreciate some thoughts and insights.

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Hi Thranx, I think this might be better sent to Stablebit directly via the Contact form, as it could be an undiscovered bug in the UI? Please let us know how it goes though, that's a big shark pool and I hope you don't end up needing a bigger boat! :)

(if it does turn out to be a UI issue on max drives per pool that can't be fixed quickly, perhaps you could try a pool of pools, with the underlayer of pools being made from the drives in each bay?)

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