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Add drive to pool but don't use until rules are created




I want to add a flash drive to a pool for cache usage but since I can't create rules for that drive until it's created I want to add it but not use it. I need to filter only certain file types to it.

Any suggestions on how to do this?


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I think I figured it out. I made a rule with a pattern match of * and selected all of the existing drives. I left unselected "When a new drive is added to the pool, files matching this rule should be placed on that drive."

Now I will attempt to add the drive and craft the rest of the rules at a lower priority. Presumably everything will match to * at the top of the list and once I am ready I can remove that rule so new files will follow the rest of the rules.

Now I just need to figure out how to force rebalancing so that the existing files are offloaded to the cache disk.

I would still appreciate any thoughts or help.

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I'm not sure tha a flash drive will work with the Pool (eg it needs to be a local disk, and flash drives are categorized differently, usually).  But if it works, great!

As for the data, I think  you may want/need to set the balancing ratio to 100% for the pool, if you want/need it to be more aggressive about balancing. 

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