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Disk priority setting / balancing for speed


I'm just starting to experiment with DrivePool, and I'm wondering how best to use it to optimize for speed.


I've got the following disks

SSD 256Gb boot/OS

SSD 512Gb working drive - photography 1st tier


HD 4Tb fastest - photography 2nd tier tier


HD 1Tb ok - replication / read cache

HD 1Tb ok - replication / read cache


HD 2Tb slow - archive

HD 2Tb slow - archive


For the moment I'm just using drivepool for the spinning rust disks... and will use Samsung RAPID for my working drive - so that's out of scope for now.


The rest can be in the pool - but by default

* when I save something into /pictures into the pool I want it to hit the fastest 4Tb drive first (then replicate in the background or overnight to one of the other drives - I guess I don't mind which one, but would prefer to keep it to the 1Tb ok speed disks)

* when I store something into /videos, this system is only a long term archive (as the files are AeroFS copied to my media server; so here I want it to drop to one of the slow HDs)


I think DrivePool optimizes for space first; and doesn't know that the new 4Tb disk is the fastest... which is a pity...


So should I simply set balancing to set

Pictures to use ONLY the fast 4Tb drive (unless I run out of space)

Videos to ONLY use the slow 2Tb drives (unless I run out of space)




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I've removed the double post for you. 



As for the file placement, by default, the pool places files on the disks with the most available space (absolute, not percentage).  That's not what you want, from the sounds of it.


From what you've said, you may want to check out the SSD Optimizer balancer. While it's designed with SSDs in mind, it will work with ANY type of drive.


Set the 4TB fast drive as the "SSD" drive and the rest as archive drives, and it will write to that drive first, and then move it to the other drives later on. 


If you want to add all of the drives to the same pool, that may not work well with the SSD Optimizer balancer. In this case, you could set up a File Placement rule to put the \Videos folder on the specific drives. Or you could create a second pool.

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