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  1. I'm just starting to experiment with DrivePool, and I'm wondering how best to use it to optimize for speed. I've got the following disks SSD 256Gb boot/OS SSD 512Gb working drive - photography 1st tier HD 4Tb fastest - photography 2nd tier tier HD 1Tb ok - replication / read cache HD 1Tb ok - replication / read cache HD 2Tb slow - archive HD 2Tb slow - archive For the moment I'm just using drivepool for the spinning rust disks... and will use Samsung RAPID for my working drive - so that's out of scope for now. The rest can be in the pool - but by default * when I save something into /pictures into the pool I want it to hit the fastest 4Tb drive first (then replicate in the background or overnight to one of the other drives - I guess I don't mind which one, but would prefer to keep it to the 1Tb ok speed disks) * when I store something into /videos, this system is only a long term archive (as the files are AeroFS copied to my media server; so here I want it to drop to one of the slow HDs) I think DrivePool optimizes for space first; and doesn't know that the new 4Tb disk is the fastest... which is a pity... So should I simply set balancing to set Pictures to use ONLY the fast 4Tb drive (unless I run out of space) Videos to ONLY use the slow 2Tb drives (unless I run out of space) Thoughts? Andy.
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