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AHCI / HBA recommendations

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Well, that was quite an adventure.


New board arrived, and looks lovely.


Dismantled server, went to move processor from old board to new board, realised the old processor is socket 1150, new board is 1155, (or vice versa, im too lazy to look it up) so it physically wont fit.


i order a new processor...


while sitting here thinking about it.. i realise i already have a fourth gen i5 in my media pc that i could "borrow" until the new processor arrives...


then i realise.... thats a z97 board in my media pc.  while its fairly small and there is no room for disks.. i try putting two LSI cards in the media PC, it works perfectly, no issues at all.


so i have swapped the motherboard AND processor between my media pc and my server, and voila.


Both LSI cards are installed and working perfectly.


if i had the physical space i could hang 48 disks off them!


now i just need to return the unused "new" motherboard AND the brand new processor that i ordered... and hasnt even been delivered yet!

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Oh - an unexpected benefit!!!


I now have two controllers.. so Scanner is scanning two disks at once rather than just one as it was before...


when you've got 30 disks and 160TB... that makes quite a difference!!!


Update: i;ve since realised that i manually reduced the degrees of parallelism while troubleshooting the BSOD, so ive put that back up too!

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Well, quite the adventure indeed!


And I'm glad to hear that you have everything sorted out as well!


As for scanning, the setting you refer to is not what you want.

To scan multiple disks at once, do the following:

  1. Open Scanner Settings
  2. Scroll down and check the "Show advanced settings and troubleshooting" option (don't need it yet, but will in a moment)
  3. Open the Throttling tab
  4. Uncheck the "Do not interfere with other disks on the same controller" option
  5. Click "Ok".
  6. Open the "Advanced settings and troubleshooting" option (should be newly visible under "settings", at the bottom of the list).
  7. Open the "Configuration" tab
  8. Find the "Scanner" section.
  9. Set the "ScanMaximumConcurrent" option and set this to 0 (for unlimited) or to a specific number (such as 8). 
  10. Reboot the server, or restart the StableBit Scanner Service (run "services.msc" to do so).

This should allow you to scan multiple drives at once. 


The "MaxDegreeOfParallelism" setting is for disk enumeration. A higher number means it's quicker but takes up more resources. 

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