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Win7-64 - Background task does not prevent host from suspending





new User and Windooze noob here.


I am currently experimenting with my new purchase of DrivePool V2 and my Win7-HP-64bit host.

PowerManagement is configured to suspend the box after a certain time of inactivity, which works well.

Now I noticed that, even when there is heavy disk activity from DrivePool (like removing a disk) the host will go into suspend.

It seems DrivePool is resuming the task after a wakeup, but I would have expected that DrivePool would prevent the host from

suspending until the task(s) have completed.


...is this a bug or a feature request  ;) ?




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There isn't exactly an easy way to do this natively.


However, there is an advanced config setting to create a file while it's "doing stuff".  And there is an program called "LightsOut" that is hands down the best power management utilities available. And this can look for said file and prevent standby if it exists.


For the "Create the file" setting:


And the setting's name is "RunningFile_FileName". Set the value to a folder and file path (such as "C:\ProgramData\StableBit DrivePool\Service\running.bin"), and then restart the service (or computer).


And here is the link for LightsOut:





However, if you really don't want to get the additional software, please submit a feature request here: http:/stablebit.com/Contact

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