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Deleted all files but still moves files during removal


I've got 4 new 3TB WD red drives.  Using DrivePool beta v2.0.0.332 64bit on WHS 2011.


I had started moving files from my old server over to the new one.  I noticed something I didn't like so I was going to just wipe the whole server install and start again.


I wanted to cleanly remove the hard drives from the pool, just to make sure there was no hidden meta data still on them.  So I went into the drive pool for each subdirectory and deleted all the files.


I then went into the UI and clicked remove.  It then quickly jumps to 90% and then starts moving files around.  There should be no files to move around.  I had already deleted everything.


The screen shot shows I have already done this on two drives and am now on the third one.  Under Space - Other is shows that there is still 403GB of data on the pool.


I hovered over the activity shown in Disk Performance and I see it is moving files for some hidden \S-1-5-21-..... location.


Why are those files there and why are they getting moved around?


Is there an easier way to just 'kill' a pool quickly?  Don't want to spend what is turning into hours just to start a new clean server reinstall.


Should I have uninstalled DrivePool and then just reformted the hard drives? 


Would that remove any DrivePool meta data?


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It looks like you may have files in the recycle bin here.

Check that and empty it.


Worst case, you can format the drives while they are still in the pool. It will give you errors, as you will have missing disks. but that should do what you want.  No need to even uninstall DrivePool.

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