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Switching drives did not go well


So I imaged my C drive to go to another drive. 


Well, I forgot to release the licenses. When I booted up with the new drive, the scanner program asked me to transfer the license. 


I did that, and all is good. It sees all drives and it is happy. 


But when I run the drivepool program, it wont see either drive pool. It just gives me options to make a new drivepool with the drives that were not in the drivepool originally. 


I looked in device manager and all drives are seen correctly. Any ideas?

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Could you enable file system logging and try to re-add the disk?


(there is an upload form at the bottom of that page)


Also, the disk in question, does it already have a hidden "PoolPart" folder on the disk?

If so, try doing the "alternative steps" for resetting the settings, and see if that helps.

If not, let me know.

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Alternative steps for resetting the settings are here:



As for the troubleshooting options, there should be a "StableBit DrivePool (Troubleshooting)" link in the start menu now. Run that, and it will restore the troubleshooting options.


And did you upload the logs? 
And what version of StableBit DrivePool were you using? and what version of Windows?

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Thank you for uploading the files, we'll take a look at them and see if we can figure out what is going wrong and fix it.



Worst case here (aka the "nuclear solution"), is to "unpool" the drives and rebuidl the pool.

To do so,

  1. Run "services.msc" and stop the "StableBit DrivePool Service".
  2. enable "Show hidden files" for your system. You'll notice the hidden "PoolPart.xxxxxx" (where the "xxxxx" is a long string of letters and numbers).  
  3. Move the contents of these folder out of them, to the root of the drive.
    for "D:\PoolPart.xxxxxx\ServerFolders", move the "ServerFolders" directory to D:\, and
    for "E:\PoolPart.xxxxxx\ServerFolders", move the "ServerFolders" directory to E:\
  4. Repeat this for all the drives. 
    Once you do, you should notice that your pool is empty. That's a good sign, and it is what we want.

  5. Delete the now empty "PoolPart.xxxxx" folders.
    If you have issues with this, take ownership of the folders, and check the "replace on child objects" option.

  6. Restart the service (go back to the "Services" window, and start the service)
    At this point, it may give a quick notification of missing disks, and then the pool should disappear. 
    If this doesn't happen... reset the settings again, and it should.

  7. Add all of the disks to a new pool.

  8. "Seed" the pool, using this guide:


This should rebuild the pool from scratch and fix all of the issues you are seeing.

If needed, we can set up a remote support session, and I can assist you with this process (as it can be very intimidating). If you're interested in that, head to http://meetme.so/drashnacovecube and set up a time that is good for you.


Also, you said that you cloned the system drive. Was this the ONLY disk you cloned? And was this disk part of the pool, at all?

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