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upload speed



hello guys,

i have 3 questions for you if you have time to answer that i will be gratful.

1- how many device supported ? if i buy a lisance can i use it all my pc ?

2- for the crypt am i have to upload all my files again using stabilebit drive? i cant see anything now.

3- i have trial version now, i saw maksimum 500 mbit upload speed to dropbox but i have 3 gbit connection. what can i do ?

thank you.

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I'm not a support person, but based on my knowledge:

1. You buy one license and can use it on one device. If you want to use it on another one, you have to buy another license. Obviously if you buy DrivePool, install it on one device and share the drive, then you can access it on the other device without any additional license.

2. Yes, once you set it to encrypt, or change the encryption password, it has to be re-uploaded.


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sorry, I missed this.  And it looks like you're talking about StableBit CloudDrive, rather than StableBit Cloud. 

  1. For licenses for StableBit DrivePool, StableBit Scanner, and StableBit CloudDrive, each license is valid for only one system at a time.  You can have up to 8 licenses of each product per Activation ID.  After that, you'd need additional Activation IDs.  At least for the personal license.
  2. Basically, it's like a container.  You encrypt it at the start, or not.  You can't change it after the drive has been created.  However, you could enable Bitlocker on the drive (either as an alternative, or in addition).  So yes, you'd have to create a new drive and reupload.
  3. You would want to tweak the I/O performance settings for the drive.  More threads, and/or higher minimum download size can improve speeds. 
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