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Hello! Asking a few questions, thanks!
1, I have three hard drives to join the pool, c: (ssd), d: (hdd), e: (hdd), set the folder /minio duplication (d:, e:), I remove e:, in the balance of 30% cancel, turn off the computer, then remove the hard drive, and then open the drivepool to delete e:, found that the pool /minio files have been lost. 
2. Currently only c: (ssd) d: (hdd) is in the pool, and the folder /minio has files in c:d:. I set /minio to only allow storage in d:, and after balancing, there are still /minio files in c:.
Please correct me if I have made a mistake in the above two questions.

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1. If duplication is not set to real-time (Manage Pool -> Performance -> Real-time duplication) it will only run duplication every 24 hours or when duplication level is enabled/changed, and the duplication pass can take some time to complete depending on the amount that needs to be duplicated. Could that be the issue?

2. You may need to tick "Balancing plug-ins respect file placement rules" in Manage Pool -> Balancing -> Settings. Also if you have duplication enabled for a folder then you might want to check whether that is overriding any File Placement rules that say to store that folder in only one drive (because then Drivepool is being told contradictory things).



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