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Drivepool SSD Cache Settings and/or Optimizer



I have several servers with pools close to or around 100TB. I would like to add a 1TB cache drive to each of these to speed up my writes to the pool. I am using Snapraid for each of these as well so at this point I don't use any balancing and would prefer not to so it doesn't interfere with the Snapraid parity. The parity kicks off at 1am every morning and runs through a good part of the day, depending on the server. This leaves me a window in the afternoon to copy new data to the pool.

Based on some of the threads in the forum, it sounds like the SSD Optimizer may not work the way I want it to. Basically, I want to copy new data to the pool, have it hit the SSD first, then once the copy is complete, immediately move the data from the SSD to the pool. Is this possible using the file placement rules? I don't quite understand all the balancers and file placement settings, I just know I don't what the balancers to change any data on the pool drives, specifically during the parity check.

Is it possible to do what I am looking for with specific settings?

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Sounds like you'd want the following for each pool?

  1. Balancing -> Balancers -> only SSD Optimizer ticked
    • under Drives, tick the SSD / Archive drives as appropriate to set your cache drive
    • under Options, set sliders as desired (these only concern filling, they don't empty)
    • under Ordered placement, leave both Unduplicated and Duplicated unticked (or, if you want to use it, make sure "Leave the files as they are" is selected).
  2. Balancing -> Settings
    • under Automatic balancing, select Balance immediately, with the "Not more often than..." unticked
    • under Automatic balancing - Triggers, select 100% / unticked (as you want it always moved straight away)
    • under Plug-in settings, "Allow balancing plug-ins to force immediate balancing..." ticked (so it should move straight away anyway)
    • under File placement settings, should be irrelevant since you're not using the File Placement section.

This should result in any files copied to the pool going via your SSD cache drive first then being immediately moved to the others. As always with "production" data, I recommend confirming the behaviour is as expected with a test pool.

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