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"Checking" all 24 hours?




I have recently observed that Drivepool goes into the "Checking" mode about all 24 hours. I noticed that there is no activity on the pool prior to this, and all disks are in standby mode (spin down) too. Additionally, there are no error messages or disk removals/problems reported before this happens. Eventually, Drivepool then wakes up all disks and enters the "Checking" ("Working on the entire pool.") mode, which seems to be aimed at ensuring file duplication consistency as per the notification/feedback bubble in the GUI. However, I have not enabled any folder or file duplication.

As my pool has a size of 35TB and holds millions of files, such a check takes approximately 2 hours, which is unacceptable. Furthermore, this behavior leads to excessive wear on the disks and increases power consumption due to the spinning up of all disks each 24 hours, even when the pool is not used for days.

I would appreciate it if you could clarify whether this is intended behavior and suggest a way to prevent it from occurring automatically. Additionally, if this process is necessary, I would like to be able to schedule it at a more convenient time. Manually canceling the check puts the pool organization into an uncertain state afterward, which is not an ideal solution either.

An upgrade to the latest beta version didn´t change the situation either.

Thank you for your prompt assistance.


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I don't think there's any option to adjust it. This probably merits being submitted via the Contact form as well I think; the consistency checking schedule being controllable to reduce wear and resource usage is something I think the community would be interested in but can only be added by the developer.

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After re-enabling "Realtime Duplication", which I had previously disabled because I have just one SSD for the landing zone, these checks have disappeared completely. According to the documentation it says that if "Realtime Duplication" is disabled, the Duplication will be ensured to be consistent "at night". So it seems it was exactly that and there is no schedule to plan what "at night" is and when exactly it will happen. My suggestion to the developers: give Drivepool an option to let the user schedule when the Duplication consistency check is being performed. Some of us are working at night and so do I, and just force performing this check at a time the developer thinks is good, is not the best way at all. Thanks.

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