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Removing a drive is ridiculously slow


I'm trying to remove a drive.  I have 18TB with 5TB free and trying to remove a 3TB drive.  I just added a new 3TB drive, so theoretically it could just copy files to the new drive and be done. Removing appeared to do absolutely nothing, thought it seemed to work fine when I tested Drive Pool in my VM's.  I found much better results by using the Drive Usage Limited plugin and disabling the drive I wanted to remove.  After rebalancing, the drive is empty except for a couple GB.  Drive Pool reports no unduplicated files on the drive, so I know I could just pull it and let it rebuild later.


Is there an issue with removing, or something I should know prior to removing? Rebalancing seems to be significantly slower than straight disk access too, but I figure that has to do with running the balancing rules and background priority.  I don't mind mind the "maintenance" tasks being slow within the pool, as my speed to access the pool is still fine.  At least i can see rebalancing working.  I haven't seen the 2GB of duplicated files changed in the last couple hours of removal.  I will let it run overnight and see what happens in the morning.

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We use a background priority for duplication and balancer. This is why the process may be very slow.

However, this uses the normal balancing and duplication engine, so it shouldn't be any slower than that. However, it is checking both duplication and file placement, as well as worrying about "locked" files (files being accessed).


If needed, there is a setting that may speed this up:


Set "FileDuplication_BackgroundIo" and "FileBalancing_BackgroundIo" to "false", save the file (make sure it's "drivepool.service.exe.config", no "default" in the name). And then restart the system. 


This should help. However, you may want to remove it after the fact... or just leave it, if you're okay with the potential performance hit. 




As for the balancer, yeah, that's the way that I remove disks personally, and recommend if you having issues.

However, could you grab the logs from the system?


If you want to reproduce the removal, then do all of it. Otherwise, just do steps #6-8 and upload the log files to us.

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