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  1. What do you mean by duplicated folders? Is there a place I should look specifically? I'm seeing the same problem.
  2. I'm trying to remove a drive. I have 18TB with 5TB free and trying to remove a 3TB drive. I just added a new 3TB drive, so theoretically it could just copy files to the new drive and be done. Removing appeared to do absolutely nothing, thought it seemed to work fine when I tested Drive Pool in my VM's. I found much better results by using the Drive Usage Limited plugin and disabling the drive I wanted to remove. After rebalancing, the drive is empty except for a couple GB. Drive Pool reports no unduplicated files on the drive, so I know I could just pull it and let it rebuild later. I
  3. I'm glad that I finally know why it keeps becoming corrupted. I was starting to worry. For the most part this drive will only be data and archive files for CrashPlan and WHS backups, but this database is one thing I do want to have duplicates of so I don't have to rebuild again. Are there plans to add hardlinking support so that this can be hosted on the pool?
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