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Duplication check tool?



Maybe this is a feature request...I migrated (happily) from Drive Bender.  And for the past year, I've been very satisfied with Drivepool/Scanner combo.


However, one tool that Drivebender had (that I miss) is the ability to run a duplication check.  It would identify any files marked for duplication that it can't find a duplicate of.  After that, I could force duplication and it would begin creating those duplicates.


Of course, this is supposed to be automatic.  I have my entire pool duplicated.  But when one lone 3TB drive fails, I'd like to run a duplicate check to see if all the files have been duplicated or if I lost any.



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When a drive is removed from the pool, or even after it's been missing, we actually automatically run a consistency check. If we find files that need to be duplicated (or unduplicated), then we will queue a duplication pass to occur.


Additionally (IIRC), the driver can trigger a check if it notices issues with files. If the files mismatch, or are not duplicated, it will trigger a pass as well.


Resetting the settings will also trigger this (but that's not a good solution).

Changing the duplication status of the pool or a folder on it will also trigger this.


All in all, the duplication code is meant to be very robust so that you don't ever need to manually trigger a pass.

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How exactly do I turn on verification and how to read the results?

I worked with Raid mirroring in the past and had inkonsistencies there.

Recently I had a drive, where I discovered that some files were not identical to copies I had on another drive (laptop), even though the files did not change and also all files were readable and the SMART-attributes did not show anything special.


So we really badly need a verification tool which can make two types of checks (mayby configurable):

1) Check whether all files have been duplicated formally (my issue of not duplicated files is still open and I cannot find our what the problem is. Also you were not able to the solve the problem  from the log files I send you).

2) Check binary integrity of the duplicates.


So please:

Make a verification tool, where we can check the type 1) and type 2) integrity as soon as possible. Also this tool should be schedulable (e.g. once a month).

Even more urgent is ANY way to resolve existing inconsitencies (like my problem of having several MB unduplicated and the "recalculation loop").

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Well, during the duplciation pass (or during file access), we check the date stamp. If those don't match, we run a file checksum and compare the values (file mismatch errors are reported if they're not the same).

This happens automatically, and in the background.


This covers both of the issues you've mentioned, at least partially.


As for the altered data... it sounds like damage to the disk, or access to the file by something else. Random bit flips and data degradation like that is exceptionally RARE. If it happens, then it's an issue with the disk or the controller (StableBit Scanner has a "Burst test" option which is good for testing this, actually). 



however, we do have a "duplication audit" tool in the works. It's been well requested, and would be very useful.

And Alex (the developer) has added a new notification system to StableBit CloudDrive... and that we are backporting to StableBit DrivePool. This should provide better and more meaningful error reports. Especially in the cases of file issues.

Additionally, we have another produce planned, called "StableBit FileSafe". This may cover the other issues you are referring to.

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