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Duplication warnings and issues even though Duplication should be off




I recently purchased Drivepool and have been setting it up but I keep running into this issue and was hoping someone can help. I did a search and basically have the exact same problem as this thread: https://community.covecube.com/index.php?/topic/3713-duplication-warnings-duplication-disabled/

Duplication is turned off. When I go to Manage Pool-File Protection-Folder Duplication, everything is listed as x1 with the exception of [METADATA] which is at x3. Also, when I go to Manage Pool-File Protection-Pool File Duplication, it asks me to Enable Duplication so surely that means it is off. Just to be safe, I ran the 

dpcmd set-duplication-recursive P:\ 1 *

command as recommended in that thread and it completed fine. I then remeasured and it was the same situation with the pool showing 99GB of duplicated material. The breakdown of the duplicated files is as follows:

2 drives have 5.34GB's of duplicated material each

2 drives have 5.08GB's of duplicated material each

2 drives have 39.1GB's of duplicated material each

1 drive has 88 bits of duplicated material


It also keeps giving an error that says Warnings and when I hover over it it says Duplication Inconsistent. The other thread seemed to be resolved by the fact that the person used junctions, symblinks, etc and I guess that causes issues but as far as I know, I don't have any of those.

It's also saying I have 126GB of "Other" which I don't understand either. It seems to most be a few hundred MB on every drive but one drive shows 60GB and another shows 43GB of other.

Can anyone please help me figure out what the issue is?

Also, bonus question. How long does it typically take the scanner to scan a 16tb drive? I've had the scanner running for 2 days now and it's only completely scanned 3 of my drives with all the others either partially scanned or still waiting to scan.

Appreciate any help. Thank you.

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Any luck with (cog icon)->Troubleshooting->Recheck duplication?

You could also try a tool like Everything from Voidtools running as administrator to see if there are any hidden system files in the poolpart folders (other than the [Metadata] subfolder).

"Other" usually refers to data stored on the pooled drives outside of the pool - e.g. if you've added drive "F:" to a pool, anything in F:\PoolPart.guid is inside the pool while anything in (for example) F:\SomeFiles\ is outside the pool - as well as all the standard filesystem metadata and overhead that takes up space on a formatted drive. For example, the hidden protected system folder "System Volume Information" created by Windows will report a size of zero even if you are using an Administrator account, despite possibly being many gigabytes in size (at least if you are using the built-in Explorer; other apps such as JAM's TreeSize may show the correct amount).

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