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Drivepool behaviour and windows 10, is this expected?



So I have begun using drivepool, and so far looks to match what I need, but there seems to be some oddities, that I would hope I can get cleared up.


1: Is it normal, and expected that windows 10 cannot set the default app location to be the drive pool?, or did i set it up incorrectly? And as such I need to use a vhdx to use my drive pool for windows 10 apps/xbox apps?

2: Under windows disk manager, the drive pool drive shows up as: 2047, 97 GB NTFS, despite having a total pool size of 16 tb in my case.

3: despite using pool duplication the full pool size is displayed to windows? any way to get it to display the actual space left, in my case since I'm duplicating 2x, the half of what is shown?

Just in general is there are collected location for the various oddities that I might run into using drivepool but that are entirely normal?

Trying to understand the technical oddities I might find in using drivepool.

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1. I believe that's normal and expected.

2. This is a quirk of how the "partition" geometry is seen by Windows. If you look at the volume section, you can see Windows can still see the true "volume" capacity.

3. I believe SB decided to prioritise DP's reliability and performance over the additional code necessary to reflect the impact of duplication - especially since it is possible to  set pool duplication per-folder and to use a disk for both pool and non-pool storage, which would make it impossible to accurately show how much free "post-duplication" space remains.

Pretty much the "collected location" is these forums? There's also the dev wiki.

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