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Trying to still use Damaged Disk


Hi Everyone,


I have a disk that Scanner says is damaged (when I try to do a file scan afterwards it cannot find anything & When I do a chkdsk, it comes back with nothing wrong). 


I want to be able to still use the disk & have it rescan the disk.  When I look up previous messages, it mentions to click on the + next to the disk to see 4 options (on the left).  The problem is, I only see 3


- Option for block size

- Button to "Start Check"

- Button to Edit blocks


The one I'm using is still on the trial, but on the other computer, which does have a paid license, it also only has 3 options.  It appears that I'm missing the "sector menu"


Anyway to get this back?



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Depending on what is open in that section, the button can end up hidden.

If this is the case, try closing the "File system health" section. This may help.

Otherwise, underneath the 3rd button (the start/stop buttons), there should be a thin section with a " | >" symbol. Click on that, and it should show the button.


Scanner Mark.png

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