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WHS2011 - When does duplication happen?



I am running two WHS2011's on my network (N54L WHS2011-A & N40L WHS2011-B).

Drivepool is running on both with a 13.6TB and 7.28TB pool respectively.


I am using WHS2011-A as the primary backup for the network client PCs.

I back-up selected WHS2011-A folders/files to the WHS2011-B.

I have duplication set-up on the receiving folders in WHS2012-B and duplication is set to real-time.


I am using Acronis 2012 to back-up the WHS2012-A C Drive to WHS2012-B as the inbuilt server backup won't backup to a network share.

I use Directory Opus 10 to sync the WHS2012-A client computer backups folder to a new network share folder in the pool on WHS2012-B (I.e. not WHS2012=B's client computer backups folder)


When I run acronis to create a backup, it runs and completes OK. It creates a 8.8GB file on WHS2012-B but it doesn't appear to get duplicated.

When Directory Opus syncs 300+GB of client computer backups, that isn't duplicated either.


I changed the setting on the folder to turn duplication off and then turned it on again and the pool condition turned to Duplicating and the duplication started


I am wondering if I have mis-understood how this should work. I was expecting the duplication to be immediate given the "real-time" setting.


Also, is there a way to query an individual file and see which disks (original and duplicate) it exists on?




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It's third-party, but you can use "Everything" by VoidTools to quickly see which disks a duplicated file resides on.


When duplication is set to real-time, it is supposed to be immediate, though you won't see the pool condition change to "Duplicating" when copying a file into the pool since it's happening simultaneously with the copying.


If it's not actually duplicating in real-time when it's set to do so, and you can confirm this independently (e.g. with "Everything"), then that's a critical bug and please report it to Stablebit.


For example, when I have duplication on and real-time, and I copy a 10GB project file to P:\work (where P is the pool drive), "Everything" should (and does, for me) show something like:





where G and K are drives in the pool.

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