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A couple of newbie questions before buying:



I've just installed the scanner but have a couple of questions before buying it:


1. Is it not possible to have the system monitored 24/7 or how does it work, since I had to press "Start" to have it check harddrives? I would like to be notified realtime when a drive is failing and thought it monitored them 24/7.


2. Can external drives also be scanned like internal drives? It checked all my internal drives but not my external.


3. Should I be aware of anything special on Samsung HD204UI drives, since there has been problems if FW was not updated on them (My fw is updated)?


4. Last question. Can you look at the screenshot link below and see if I should be scared of drive failure, since it warns me?



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Thanks Beaker for telling me your setup and story. For me I have 6 disks and in the future more I think and the thought and more tearing/shorter lifespan and added electricity is giving me Some headache so I really hope to get it working like before without any special mediaplayback/pool problems. And to Christopher I have drivepool also and have set it to balance perhaps once a day. I will try to disable stablebit scanner like you recommended and see if that helps. And thanks for expanding the trial. I will get to it Monday morning when I can test and will report back and hopefully you/Alex perhaps Beaker can chime in with suggestions. Thanks for all the help until now:)

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Hi guys a follow up on this one:

I didn't have time to activate the extended trial, and it is expiring tomorrow, perhaps it is possible I can use it in april months to test instead when I haven't activated it?



What I did try instead was keeping an eye on my drives/shares and after the scanner was not available "trial expired first time" my drives was waking and sleeping correct for all the time, so something must be going on with the scanner program, that is conflicting, because the service is still running (I guess) even when the program is not accessable.. I did get a few warnings that drives was not overheating in this period.

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The SMART Queries from StableBit Scanner could wake the drive. That can be throttled in the "Scanner Settings" section. (either by how often or only during the "work window" for the scans.

Also, outside of the trial period, it won't scan the disks (which will definitely wake the drives)


As for the trial extension, it's to a specific date instead of "an extra X days". So it most likely won't work to extend it now.

Contact us at "https://stablebit.com/Contact" if you need to extend it.

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Thanks for the answer. But if you look at my earlier I already have defined a work window 16-19 and throttle 1 hour. Maybe it doesn't honor these settings but don't know how to troubleshoot that


I'm sorry if I missed this, but does the behavior continue if you stop the StableBit Scanner service (run "net stop ScannerService" or "services.msc, find the "StableBit Scanner service" and stop it).


If the issue persists with the service stopped, then something else is accessing the disk and causing it to wake. 

If it goes away, then Scanner is triggering it. 

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Hi again guys.

I have tested after enabling the trial and my harddrives doesn't sleep anymore, so it must be the service.

What can I now try?

For which product?



Could you try to disable both services (StableBit DrivePool Service and StableBit Scanner Service), in "services.msc".


If it doesn't help, then the issue is that something is accessing the Pool drive and keeping the disks awake.


If this fixes the issue, then one of the services is doing something to keep the drives awake.

And in this case, try enabling the "StableBit DrivePool Service". 


If this causes the issue to come back, check to the UI to see if the Pool is balancing or duplicating. If it is, this is normal and should settle down after a while. Both of these tasks check the disks and move files around. This will obviously keep the disks awake.


If this doesn't cause the issue to come back, then try starting the "StableBit Scanner Service".  

If this causes the issue to return, then check to see if it's scanning the disks (this is a sector by sector scan, so will definitely wake the disks.  If it is not scanning, then it may be that the SMART data is being queried "too often" and keeping the disks awake.

In this case, you can throttle the frequency of the queries:



If that doesn't help, then enable file system logging on the pool:


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To clarify, you have the "Throttle Queries" option set, and it's still waking your disks?

What is the timeout set for this value, and how often is it waking the disks?



Click on the Settings button in the toolbar and select Scanner Settings. Enable the Show advanced settings and information option, and hit "OK". You will only need to do this once, from now on, it will always display this option.
Click on Settings, and select the new Advanced Settings and information option. It should open to the Logging tab.

Find the "SmartDiskInfo" setting, select it, and then select the Verbose option. Click "Ok" and then let it run for a while (and wake up the disks).
Once it's ran for a while, head to "C:\ProgramData\StableBit Scanner\", select the contents, and "Send to" a "Compressed (zipped) folder".  Open a ticket at https://stablebit.com/Contactand upload the compressed folder there.
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