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  1. Just want to say thanks for this post. I had trouble moving, deleting some folders in Stablebit and have tried the Windows GUI settings. The two commands did the trick!
  2. Hi again. I've send the logs so you could see what's going on:)
  3. Yes both options are enabled, so I don't know what to do. When the trial ran out last time the disks started to sleep correctly but I still received SMART notifications..
  4. I have both: Checked "Throttle queries" Not more often than 60 minuted. Checked "Only Query during the work window of if scanning" And work window is defined to 3 hours a day..
  5. Bjur

    Flexraid and stablebit

    Hmm now it actually measured correctly.
  6. Bjur

    Flexraid and stablebit

    Thanks for your answer. I have moved and remeasure but it still shows xxx gb as other. It's perhaps 25 % of the data. How do I fix and identify that?
  7. Hi i have a question. I have used flexraid with drivepool. One of my drives died and have now restored it 2. If I want to move the files into a drivepool can I just move direct from drive to folder or should I move to the drivepool letter?
  8. Thanks for the answer. The stablebit scanner is the only causing the disks to not sleeping. If the service is disabled or not in working mode, then my disks sleeps.
  9. Hi again guys. I have tested after enabling the trial and my harddrives doesn't sleep anymore, so it must be the service. What can I now try?
  10. Hi I have a problem. I had problems with writing permissions on my drivepool folders, so I looked at this topic: http://forum.covecube.com/discussion/522/access-to-destination-folder-was-denied/p1 I tried to uninstall and install again, but my license key is not working anymore:( I had to enable trial but now I can write to the folders again. Can someone please help my with my license key??
  11. Thanks for the answer. But if you look at my earlier I already have defined a work window 16-19 and throttle 1 hour. Maybe it doesn't honor these settings but don't know how to troubleshoot that
  12. Hi guys a follow up on this one: I didn't have time to activate the extended trial, and it is expiring tomorrow, perhaps it is possible I can use it in april months to test instead when I haven't activated it? What I did try instead was keeping an eye on my drives/shares and after the scanner was not available "trial expired first time" my drives was waking and sleeping correct for all the time, so something must be going on with the scanner program, that is conflicting, because the service is still running (I guess) even when the program is not accessable.. I did get a few warnings that drives was not overheating in this period.
  13. Thanks Beaker for telling me your setup and story. For me I have 6 disks and in the future more I think and the thought and more tearing/shorter lifespan and added electricity is giving me Some headache so I really hope to get it working like before without any special mediaplayback/pool problems. And to Christopher I have drivepool also and have set it to balance perhaps once a day. I will try to disable stablebit scanner like you recommended and see if that helps. And thanks for expanding the trial. I will get to it Monday morning when I can test and will report back and hopefully you/Alex perhaps Beaker can chime in with suggestions. Thanks for all the help until now:)
  14. Hi Alex. Thanks for the very elaborating answer. My trial license is now expired and I would like to buy it, but I have to get to standby sorted somehow. I don't think I have "disk control" option on these drives because of firmware issues with them earlier. No matter what I try I can't get the to spin up/down like before after I installed Stablebit scanner. I can understand that query doesn't affect spinup/spindown (power) on the disks. What do you suggest in my specific case, when I can't get them to sleep?
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