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Found 3 results

  1. Hi Guys, So recently one of my 6Tb drives in my pool died. I had 2 x 6Tb drives and lost half my data. So i have now installed 3 x 10Tb drives in my NAS(HP Gen 8). I was originally looking at raid 5 . so 2 x 10TB + 1 drive for parity. But i was suggested to use Drivepool to do this. How exactly would i set this up so i have drive failure redundancy? My Setup is as below 3 x 10TB WD Red 1 x 500GB SSD Boot drive 16GB RAM
  2. Hey everyone, New to the drivepool game here, absolutely loving this software. Has made storage and backup so much easier. Sorry if these are stupid questions here. 1. I seem to be a bit confused how the "Folder duplication" process works. I have one of my movies folders set to duplicate, it's around 2.5tb. However, when I turn on duplication, the duplication across all my drives is around ~5.7tb. I don't have any other folders set for duplication, why would this figure be so high? I guess I was expecting duplication to be around the same size as the folder I was duplicating (2.5tb). Is the duplication figure the size of original folder plus the size of the duplication? 2. Am I able to safely add my C:/ drive to my pool? It's a 1TB SSD, I was hoping to harness some of its speed as a cache drive as it's mostly empty right now. Is this safe/possible? Thanks again for the phenomenal product, probably the happiest I've been with a software purchase in a long time.
  3. lateworm

    macOS port?

    Could there be a macOS version of this at some point? I could see it being really useful to a lot of the developers who are on Macbooks. Even with fusion drives and SSD's, I often hear complaints about lack of space, speed and having to bring external storage because people have big, complex dependency trees that use absolute paths and are very tedious to sync.
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