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  1. RG9400

    Optimal settings for Plex

    Thanks for your help. It seems to be working really well so far. To also quickly contribute to the topic, I use the below settings with bandwidth of 1000/40: Download Threads: 10 (not sure here) Upload Threads: 5 (not sure here) No background I/O No Download Throttling Upload Throttling: 30mbps Upload Threshold: 1 MB or 5 Minutes Minimum Download Size: 50 MB (not sure about this) Prefetch Trigger: 1 MB (not sure here, have some small files like books/comics, so I thought I should put a smaller value here. Also, maybe the video would start sooner) Prefetch Amount: 300 MB (not sure here) Prefetch Time: 10s (not sure here) Basically, I am not sure if the prefetch is optimally configured.
  2. RG9400

    Optimal settings for Plex

    Thanks! This worked perfectly. I was wondering if there was any performance hit from doing this?
  3. RG9400

    Optimal settings for Plex

    hello srcrist, I saw you mentioned in this thread that it is optimal to create a large drive partitioned into multiple 55TB partitions, which are then pooled together using DrivePool for this usecase. I have a lot of uploaded data now and am running out of space on my CloudDrive, so I am now looking to figure out a proper long term solution without having to reupload all my data. How did you set this up? My current allocation size is 32kb (max drive of 128 TB), and I do have Drive Pool. Would I have to reformat my drive and delete all the data to properly configure this?