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  1. I absolutely love DrivePool, Scanner, and CloudDrive, so I have downloaded the beta versions of each software. One thing I do for peace of mind whenever using a beta version of software is to link the changelog/update feeds of that product into my RSS feed so that I can be aware whenever a new version is available, as well as what that version contains. Especially since I use these products so heavily, I would love it if there were similar feeds for each one. I had found some text files earlier, but it was hard to use these. I know it's a bit of a specific usecase, but if you do get somee time to do it, it would be much appreciated!
  2. Thanks for your help. It seems to be working really well so far. To also quickly contribute to the topic, I use the below settings with bandwidth of 1000/40: Download Threads: 10 (not sure here) Upload Threads: 5 (not sure here) No background I/O No Download Throttling Upload Throttling: 30mbps Upload Threshold: 1 MB or 5 Minutes Minimum Download Size: 50 MB (not sure about this) Prefetch Trigger: 1 MB (not sure here, have some small files like books/comics, so I thought I should put a smaller value here. Also, maybe the video would start sooner) Prefetch Amount: 300 MB (not sure here) Prefetch Time: 10s (not sure here) Basically, I am not sure if the prefetch is optimally configured.
  3. Thanks! This worked perfectly. I was wondering if there was any performance hit from doing this?
  4. hello srcrist, I saw you mentioned in this thread that it is optimal to create a large drive partitioned into multiple 55TB partitions, which are then pooled together using DrivePool for this usecase. I have a lot of uploaded data now and am running out of space on my CloudDrive, so I am now looking to figure out a proper long term solution without having to reupload all my data. How did you set this up? My current allocation size is 32kb (max drive of 128 TB), and I do have Drive Pool. Would I have to reformat my drive and delete all the data to properly configure this?
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