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  1. As others have described, I recently tried to move my CloudDrive to another PC by detaching and attaching on the other side. The drive was working fine with no data loss before detaching it, and I didn't force detach (allowed it to properly detach). Once attached to the new PC, it shows valid usage statics, both in the CloudDrive UI and in the Explorer (x TB of y TB used). However, when I actually open the drive in the explorer, it says that there are no files. Now I've tried to go through taking the disk offline and unpinning and all that, which was suggested on the other threads, but it
  2. Yep, tried all of that and the drive still doesn't show any folders or files in explorer. Windows now says that there is some space being used, but once I go inside, it says it's empty.
  3. I'm one of the many people that lost a ton of data on GDrive recently, but luckily I had it all duplicated on another GDrive account. Is there an easy way to duplicate the entire CloudDrive to another account? If I were to share all the raw CloudDrive files on one Google Drive account to another, then write a Google Script to copy the entire folder so the new account gets ownership of the exact copy, would I be able to mount the new copy via CloudDrive? I'm trying to figure out if there's a way to get the duplicate done completely on Google's infrastructure so I don't have to download 40 TB of
  4. Chris, I'm trying to go through this now and no matter how many times I clear local cache, it doesn't seem to want to get rid of the last 43.8 MB. It also shows 632 KB waiting to upload but doesn't upload anything.
  5. Is it possible/likely that we will have API access to DrivePool/CloudDrive in the near future? My setup has only a single SSD, and I've attached multiple CloudDrives to the system. The CloudDrives are put into a DrivePool with duplication enabled. Since all the caches are in a single hardware SSD, tasks that require reading/writing from the hard drive slow to a halt when duplication begins. This generally isn't an issue for me, but I'm also mirroring everything in the DrivePool directly to a Google Drive via Drive File Stream for unencrypted access. I run this sync once a week, but it can take
  6. I have two pools setup with three CloudDrives currently, and I'm wondering if there's any need to use balancing, and if so, which balancers. I have the first pool (I'll call it the "slave" pool) made up of two CloudDrives on separate GDrive accounts (I'll call them the "slave" accounts). I have a second pool ("master" pool) made up of a single CloudDrive on a different account and the "slave" pool. The "master" pool is set to duplicate 2x, while the "slave" pool has no duplication. So basically, my "master" CloudDrive gets all the files, and the "slave" CloudDrives get half of the duplication
  7. I googled and searched the forums for something similar but haven't seen it so I hope this is the proper place to ask: is it possible to have DrivePool and CloudDrive integrate even more in the near future so that a pool composed of CloudDrives will allow splitting a single file's chunks across different CloudDrives? The main purpose would be to achieve higher than 75 mbps uploads by being able to upload to multiple GDrive accounts simultaneously, but there's the added benefit of further privacy because none of the accounts would contain a complete file (although this is a bit of a reach since
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