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  1. Just updating to say that this works extremely well. I've uploaded almost 35 TB in 8 1/2 days with no issues. This is great software.
  2. Can you expand on this statement, specifically on the "pool them together"? Creating multiple accounts is not a problem, and the ability to upload more than 750 gb/day for not a large increase in my cost with more gsuite accounts is VERY appealing.
  3. +1 this from me too. I can upload to Google Drive at 100 mbyte/sec and would like to set it to upload ~600gb in 2 hours every day than have it plod along at 55 mbps.
  4. Hi there, I've recently started using CloudDrive and thus far am quite impressed by it. At this point I'll definitely be purchasing a license when my trial is up. While uploading my content, I noticed that sometimes the upload verification seems to jam as shown in the screenshot. Since the default upload threads for Google Drive is 2, and the upload verification counts the read as one of those threads, this effectively jammed my upload until I increased the number of upload threads. It looks like these time out after 60 minutes.If the verification doesn't complete within a few seconds as noted by other upload threads, I doubt it's likely to magically kick off over the next hour, so I'd like to fail it sooner so it can retry and proceed. Is it possible to reduce that timeout?
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