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  1. The last time this happened to me it was a bug in the motherboard or RAM, I changed the laptop and started over. But yes this could be a problem with your Dropbox account. You could create a new Dropbox drive with duplication (everything, not just pinned data) and keep looking for warnings.
  2. I have created two virtual drives on an external HDD using FTP (the hard drive was connected to a router in my house), then I disconnected the HDD from the router and connected it on the PC USB. Unfortunately CloudDrive does not recognize the virtual drives and doesn't give me the option to attach them. It gives me though the option to create a new virtual drive on the device. If I connect the HDD back in to the router, CloudDrive attaches the virtual drives correctly without doing anything (like it was never disconnected - as expected :). How can I make CloudDrive recognize my virtual drives when I connect the HDD on the USB port? Thank you
  3. Today I had exactly the same problem. A reboot was needed.
  4. It would be nice if you could update this review
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