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  1. I take that last post back. Didn't realize the person who responded to my ticket was Christopher (tech support). Using CloudDrive has been a bit frustrating with no answers to the problems that happen almost all the time. The product could be amazing in theory, but there seems to be a lot of issues with it at the moment. It was way too difficult to upload and download data and constantly restarting my computer was not a good solution. For now, I've moved onto using a different solution that involves per file encryption + Google Drive File Stream.
  2. I actually opened a support ticket and received a reply from the dev the same day. Try to open a ticket. Maybe we can give him enough info about it to get it resolved.
  3. Bummer. This is the only version I've used so this has been my world. Glad to know there were brighter days! Did you try reverting to an older version to see if it helped?
  4. Increasing threads and download size to 10MB did seem to help a bit with speeds. I'm guessing it is my internet speed that's the bottleneck since I'm getting better speeds at the office. I only have 300GB of data over 10+ years so I think I'm okay on the cap! Essentially Google should never throttle my speed, right? As for the main issue.. yeah i'm getting it almost all the time. I have to keep CloudDrive open and monitor it just to make sure it's uploading.. as I type this right now.. it's not uploading. Will probably need a restart to fix it. Is there some sort of report I can provide you Drashna? I'm coming up on my trial with 9 days left. I want to pay for this service but I can't with this kind of reliability. I hibernate to dual boot into Ubuntu often so can this be the issue? But, I have noticed before that it can be uploading then when it stops uploading suddenly (possibly due to loss of internet connection), it'll never return to uploading, even without the hibernation. Recently, I went on vacation, so I didn't bother to fix the upload and left it for about 7 days. Upload stayed at 0 the whole time.
  5. Hi, I've been using CloudDrive for about a week now and on at least 2 occasions, I've noticed that my upload/download speed are 0 with absolutely no activity. I have a 5 GB cache and had over 20 GB left to upload. My Google Drive account is unlimited. It went back to working normally after a restart. Unfortunately, I was running a task that takes over 24 hours and I need CloudDrive to work for another task. I was forced to stop the 24 hour task in order to restart. There are 2 concerns I would like to address: 1) There were no errors in the upper left "feedback" drop-down so there is absolutely no indication of an issue. Other than it showing "To upload: 28.2 GB" + "0 mbps" upload and download + "x0" for threads. 2) When I do realize there is an issue, how do I fix it? Remount, reauthorize, lowering the upload threads all didn't work. Only way I found to fix this is restarting Windows. Thanks! Follow up question: Is 20 mbps up and 20 mbps down normal? My max upload is double that and max download is way way higher than that.
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