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  1. Shadow Copies is the name for the code/feature that supports Previous Versions, and other features of Windows (such as must backup solutions). 

    It's not part of StableBit DrivePool. 


    That said, if you wouldn't mind, I'd like to take a look at your system directly, and poke around.  I may be able to identify and fix the issue a lot faster that way. 
    If you're okay with that, head to https://stablebit.com/Contact and open a ticket. 


  2. The simple option, is you don't.  Disable shadow copies, and delete them. 

    The System Volume Information will continue to come back (it's a hard coded Windows behavior), but that will reduce the usage.
    If you run "control system", it's the "System Protection" option.  Turn it off and delete them for each disk, in question.

  3. It means that you may have issues accessing data on the pool through WSL. 


    Namely, WSLuses a layer between WSL file system and windows for the file system that can cause issues for DrivePool (eg, potentially unsupported commands, etc). And adding support for it is not simple. 

  4. Specifically, the "SSD Optimizer" uses the "drive is being emptied" option, so can if that option is checked (default), it means that the balancers (SSD Optimizer) won't follow file placement rules for the SSD drives, and will empty them, regardless of the rules. 

    Unchecking the "unless the drive is being emptied" means that it will always respect the file placement rules. 

    In both cases, it will still work as a write cache. 

  5. As mentioned, there is nothing wrong.  It's just that the placement means that duplication can't be used for a large portion of the pool. 


    If you have no plans on using duplication, then you can safely ignore this, and may even want to disable the mentiond "Duplication Space Optimizer" balancer. 


  6. https://dl.covecube.com/DrivePoolBalancingPlugins/SsdOptimizer/Notes.txt


    * If you've created file placement rules that are attempting to keep files on drives that are designated as SSDs,
      then you should disable the "Unless a drive is being emptied" option, under the "File placement settings" category, 
      on the "General" tab. Otherwise, your File Placement rules will not be respected by this plugin (because it is 
      emptying the SSD drives).


  7. Not directly. 

    The best way to do this is to add the pool to a pool, itself.  Then add the iSCSI volume to this top level pool, and enable duplecation there.  this would ensure that a copy of the file exists on the local pool, and on the iSCSI volume. 

    You'd need to seed the pool, and change the duplication settings, but aside from that, should be very doable. 

  8. You can definitely do (most) of this.    

    You can't specify which data to keep locally, but it should be intelligent about what to keep.  Eg, the most often you use stuff, the more it will keep that data in the cache.  And if you're using a 1TB  drive, and set the cache to use most or all of that drive as the cache, it will fill up that  drive, and keep all of that content in the cache. 


    However, keep in mind that on the NAS, you'd see the disk data chunks and not the game files. 

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