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  1. So today I started having some permissions issues (or at lest this is when I noticed them). I went to create a new folder on my pool drive and got an permission denied error. I thought..hmm....I am admin on this account, this can't be good. Looked at the Windows 10 Pro SECURITY settings on the folder and files and they seemed correct. I was stumped. Man, what changed? I had no idea other than maybe something was up with DrivePool. I could create folders on other drives without issue. Noticed that the icon for DrivePool was displaying in the system tray and opened it to find that the
  2. I am doing exactly this. Works well, although I have yet to go through a drive failure (I just set this up on a new build last month). Seemed like the best balance of pooling and redundancy available for a good price point. I do also backup all my critical files to an external USB hard drive twice a week.
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