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  1. I believe I figured it out....seems Scanner marked a single block as bad, and since I had the option for DrivePool to allow Scanner to evacuate on any issue, it did so. I'm going to add a 3rd drive to the pool, but for now I have disabled the scanner option to evacuate, the drive is healthy except for that 1 block, but will be ready for when it craps out entirely (and I have backups).
  2. As you can see in the attached image, Data2-DAS1 (Q:) is showing some strange info, like it isnt part of the pool, but yet it is? I wasn't getting any errors until I checked the scrub status of SnapRaid, and it was having fatal errors trying to access the PoolPart ID info..... Any ideas on what is going on, or what I should do to ensure the pool is working properly?
  3. So today I started having some permissions issues (or at lest this is when I noticed them). I went to create a new folder on my pool drive and got an permission denied error. I thought..hmm....I am admin on this account, this can't be good. Looked at the Windows 10 Pro SECURITY settings on the folder and files and they seemed correct. I was stumped. Man, what changed? I had no idea other than maybe something was up with DrivePool. I could create folders on other drives without issue. Noticed that the icon for DrivePool was displaying in the system tray and opened it to find that the license key was no longer there, it was asking me to transfer the license. What? Then I remember, yesterday I did a BIOS upgrade. The transfer of the license worked, and all started working again. I had no idea that a BIOS update could cause this, but that is the only correlation i could come up with that change from when I last knew it worked to today. So, just FYI all.
  4. I am doing exactly this. Works well, although I have yet to go through a drive failure (I just set this up on a new build last month). Seemed like the best balance of pooling and redundancy available for a good price point. I do also backup all my critical files to an external USB hard drive twice a week.
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