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  1. Apologies for re-using an old thread but I don't want to recreate a new thread to ask the same question: has any additional thought has been put into opening this up to a linux implementation? As far as block-level systems go, there is no alternative even close to the same that I have been able to find for linux and would really love to be able to exercise this over there!
  2. Hey there, I actually was using a 3TBx2 configuration (RAID 1) on Proxmox which was hosting a Windows Server 2012 R2 system. I then tested various caching configurations for speed changes ranging from no cache all the way to writeback, but there was no major differences to the encrypted write speeds (though that VM did have 6 core's at it's disposal and was never more than 50% usage), though there was to the normal copy-paste write speeds. On the home sever that was having the slightly better encryption speeds, it was a basic 750GB 7200RPM drive for the OS with the cloud drives caching
  3. Hey there, I read over and considered posting this in the existing similar thread, but it seemed to me to be a slightly different topic and likely a different root cause of the situation, I apologize if this should have gone there! I've been needing to upgrade my Plex solution to a larger storage solution since my home bandwidth speeds just simply can't handle the amount of data needing to be uploaded for viewing 2 1080p streams simultaneously + gaming on the network and other server hosting going on (20mbps). I made the switch to a 3TBx2 solution on SoYouStart, but I'm already realizi
  4. Just an FYI, I was able to get the Web Settings tab back by: Create security profile, enter basic info for both sections Navigate to the Login With Amazon tab at the top Selecting Use existing profile and hitting confirm Setting the Consent URL Setting the info settings for redirect URL Unfortunately it still is not working, but it does allow the ability to set the URL...
  5. Not quite sure what issues you've been having with ACD, but mine so far have been quite swell (for the price)! I've been testing out build 631 as it was the recommended one to use apparently, but then I came across this post and saw that build 748 should in fact work, so I gave it a shot. It seems to be working now and is a little bit faster and more efficient from what I can tell. Unfortunately the hard-coded limits of 50mbps down 20mbps up is really killing the speed of my moving of the 2TB library to ACD so I can test around with it for the next 30 days before I decide if this is ac
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