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  1. Well, it just fixed itself lol i have no idea how, i just left it and it seems to be working now.
  2. Alright sent the tickets, and the web logging and troubleshooter. Thanks for the help. Turns out my connection wasn't connected to Google Drive for some reason, after connecting it. All my drives are destroyed except for one, which should not be the case.
  3. Updated to the latest version, Google drive, there is not errors shown. Just saying drive cannot be mounted even in technical details there is no error being sent back. Everytime i seem to download an update this happens. Last time it destroyed my drive, I think i am going to stop update altogether.
  4. Recently upgraded my clouddrive and i can't seem to recover or connect to my account anymore. Keep getting the same error of the drive being forced to unmount.
  5. Thanks will give it a shot. Everything seems to be back in working condition!
  6. Just out of curiousity. If i have a disk drive that is hit with disk errors, when i mount it. Windows prompts scan and fix or ignore. How do i go about recovering and fixing this drive. I have an old drive that is currently in that state. And just in case my old drive has that issue i want to know what i am able to fix it and bring it back from the dead.
  7. Yeah i had my 20TB one get torched a while ago. Luckily it was replaceable data, but when the disk gets errors it becomes a massive headache
  8. Delete this, turns out i made a mistake another disk mounted.
  9. Not necessarily, You can just stopped the upload threads and it will stop uploading. Clearing cache alleviates the cached drives space. I have since moved things around to give more space to my cache drives and have it dedicated strictly for those purposes.
  10. So i just left the disk and it eventually fixed itself. It was downloading stuff i disabled upload threads and finally mounted with the correct Drive Letter. If it goes RAW it compeltely breaks. I have had that happen once already and man it destroyed a 20TB drive.
  11. My disk lost its letter drive and now Windows cannot see it. Disk Management still does, and it is asking me to format the disk. I am wondering if this is ok to do, or is my data gone? EDIT: Looks like letting it mount and download some info from the disk fixed the issue. No format necessary
  12. Turns out the cache got filled so it would be constantly uploading the Upload Queue.
  13. I'd say open up your forward to something higher. Like 400 MB, and your cache size should be bigger. Otherwise it will use the drive as a passthrough and its not great. And if you change the minimum download size when mounting a drive to 20MB you should start maxing out your speeds.
  14. Yeah so this was the issue. It is now torching speed. At like 300 Mbps
  15. I have two drives atm. Provider: Google Drive Encryption: No Drive Creation: I can't remember but a while ago Storage Chunk size: 10 MB everything else is the same default settings Provider: Google Drive Encryption: Yes Drive Creation: I can't remember one of the newer releases .800~ Storage Chunk size: 20 MB everything else is the same default settings One note is the encryption drive is currently in a state of chaos where it has errors on it, but i cannot fix the errors partially because half way through the drive dismounts/disconnects and after that the scan fails and i cannot fix it. But i have seen that that original drive i made a while ago has incredible speeds. Close to 300 Mb/s, the encrypted drive gets around 80 Mb/s, I thought maybe it was the encryption issue so i tried to make a new drive no encryption same chunk size. And it only gets about 80 Mb/s as well. I am curious what is causing it to have such good speeds? Is it a case of the errors on the drive so it's overpulling? Just curious. And thought it was an interesting topic of conversation I also just joined that twitter contest so hope to have a free copy of the cloudDrive! Great product as always
  16. What size are you expanding it from? If you were below 2 TB and then decided to go above 2 TB it will not work, because it is likely formatted in MBR and needs to be on GPT.
  17. It depends on how you set the cluster size. Since you have had a 10TB it should automatically be set to GPT. Can you shrink the drive? Because if you extend it at a smaller increment it should extend it correctly. It might be that you have moved it above a certain threshold based on your OS and your cluster size. Theoretical NTFS limit is 256. And also you can use the PoolDrive? that stable bit offers as well. It will give you a way to pool multiple drives together.
  18. Don't use plex cloud instead just use vanilla plex it should work instead.
  19. There isn't a way but know that there is a massive speed degradation, between the two.
  20. Ok so everything is fine but i have an issue with a corrupted drive. I am running chkdsk however it is trying to repair clusters but i cannot because it says it doesn't have any space left to repair it. I can't extend the drive because it has errors on it. It is reading 0KB even though it should have a few TBs of space. Seems like index of the drive is messed.
  21. prefetching seems to be ok now, just have this messed up drive now that is not mounting anymore. Gonna enable drive trace and submit a troubleshoot report
  22. Downloaded the RC .854 and it seems the prefetching is completely broken. It will prefetch at most 3 MBs at a time instead of 400 that i have set. It's a bit weird. Also one more question. I have a drive on Google Drive, and it seems to have errors on it. I have ran the chkdsk but its stays on FOREVER like at least 2 weeks and it doesn't finish. Is there a way i can sort of move that drive into a new drive? And preserve the data from said drive? I am gonna run chkdsk again in the hopes of getting it fixed but just curious if it was possible or not.
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