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  1. I'm on the latest beta version of DrivePool and CloudDrive. So basically what you're saying is ultimately having 2 different pools (1: Physical / 2: CloudDrive), then making a pool of those 2?
  2. Hello, I've created a CloudDrive connecting to Google Drive, then added the created disk. I would like to duplicate the existing data to just the CloudDrive (essentially creating a 1:1 physical to cloud). I enabled Duplication, then under "Balancing..." and "Drive Usage Limiter", I deselected Duplicated on all phyiscal (leaving Unduplicated checked, and on Google Drive I checked Duplicated and unchecked Unduplicated. When I began duplicating, it's spreading it evenly across all my drives, not just the CloudDrive. Is there a setting I missed to restrict to just the CloudDrive?
  3. I'm trying to get Plex Cloud and Google Drive setup. Plex requires the media to be 1:1, instead of the CloudDrive default of splitting up the files and making it only readable on CloudDrive. Is there any way to prevent this, I.E. have filename01.txt be filename01.txt on the Google Drive side?
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