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  1. 1 more question on the SSD optimizer option - would I be able to use the same SSD that I'm using as a cache for the cloud drive as the SSD cache for the Z:\ pool? If so, is there a minimum size I should be looking for? I would be duplicating (initially anyway) about 24 TB worth of data, so not sure if it would really make a difference having a 128/256/512 GB SSD.
  2. Thanks - I'll set this all up once I can get my hands on a good sized SSD drive to use as my cache for the clouddrive.
  3. Just to follow up on Red's problem/question - I am going to be setting up something very similar. My drives are set up as follows: V:\ - Pool set up of multiple physical disks of varying sizes - 25TB total F:\ - Pool set up of 2 cloud drive Partitions (Google Drive, 60TB each) - 120TB total Z:\ - Pool of both V (physical pool) & F (cloud pool) Based on the response from Jaga above, I'm pretty clear on how to accomplish my goal of having F be a mirror of V (and consequently vice-versa). My question comes though in relation to emby, which currently uses the V:\ pool
  4. Thanks - I have a good internet connection, so I'm not too worried about re-uploading, the biggest pain is the api limit from drive now.
  5. I currently have a single 100TB volume on drive that I would like to shrink to 50TB, then create a second 50TB volume on drive and pool them together to avoid any problems in the future. When I try to resize the disk using cloud drive, it tells me that I need to check the disk for errors before continuing. When I check the disk for errors, it says that errors are found and need to be corrected, however chkdsk will ultimately freeze at one point or another (for days and days at a time). When I try to shrink the disk using disk manager, I get the same message. Is there anything I ca
  6. Awesome, thanks for clarifying.
  7. Thanks for the response. I guess my question really relates to the following: Once I hit the daily upload limit, after 24 hours passes and the limit is reset, will CloudDrive start uploading again, or will the fact that it is continually trying to upload after the limit is reached cause a longer ban on the upload?
  8. Hi - first of all, thanks for the software, it works great. I'm interested in creating a new cloud drive on my Gsuite account to backup my data, and I wasn't sure how CloudDrive will handle the new upload limits being enforced by Google (soft 750Gb cap per day). I have a 1Gbps line, so I hit the limit between 2-3 hours using rclone, at which point I stop rclone for 24 hours and begin the upload process again. I'm curious however how these new upload limits are handled with CloudDrive? Will CloudDrive stop trying to upload data once the limit is reached and wait the 24 hour period? Or
  9. Are any devs going to respond to this? I am completely unable to use my drive until this problem is fixed. My CRC errors are now over 15k, and I'm still stuck at 10MB to upload.
  10. Just as an update from my end, there is no update. the 'To Upload' is stuck at 10.2MB (.2 MB have been added since my last post), and my CRC errors are over 8k. restarts of the server don't do anything, and I've confirmed there are no filters or anything like that on my network. Similar to eldite, I am unable to detatch the drive, since there is still pending data to be uploaded.
  11. Any advice? I've restarted my computer a number of times, and it hasn't made a difference. My CRC error count is now over 2,200 with still 10MB showing as 'To Upload'.
  12. Just wanted to re-open this thread since the same problem as my initial post has come back again. I am nearing a nearly week-long sync, and the upload is stuck at 10MB for the last few hours, with no upload going on. the status is reporting green, and I'm getting the same Data Error as my original post. here is the drive trace log: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ydror5l5gwk411y/Service.zip?dl=0 I have made sure that there is no web filter on my box or on my router. I've also noticed that the size of my cloud drive as reported in the app is different than that reported in '
  13. So the only thing I could think of is that I have a smart DNS running on my router, and I have the google DNS servers specifically routed to nowhere (for ads, chromecast, etc.). I just removed everything on the router and rebooted my server. Unfortunately, I was doing all of this remotely, and something happened on my network, so I now can't connect to my machine until I get back home and troubleshoot. With that in mind though, do you think that could have something to do with the problems? ::EDIT:: not sure what happened, but my machine came back online, and with both my smart DNS di
  14. So just as an update, I've let the drive sit since yesterday, and no change. My scheduled sync ran last night, and while cloud drive is reporting the status as green, it is not uploading anything (there is currently about 2TB of information in the 'To Upload' bucket. The same I/O error is ocurring over and over though (see below screenshot)
  15. Hi - I was using Microsoft Synctoy to sync a large number of folders from my local drivepool to the mounted google drive through clouddrive. I was just about to finish the initial sync, and I noticed that the cloud drive was reporting the 'To Upload' as about 60MB, and although it said that it was uploading, the 'To Upload' amount was not dropping as it should. I left if for a few hours yesterday and came back, and it has been stuck at 10MB within 'To Upload' ever since. I am getting an I/O error that has to deal with cyclic redundancy check (see below screenshot): I was doing s
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