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  1. BTW is the 750GB/day cap enforced on a per user account basis, or is it enforced amongst the whole user group?
  2. To recap on my issues, I have been hitting the API call limits even I've not hit the proverbial 750GB cap. To provide some context: I'm trying to create hierarchical pools in Drivepool (backup-ing my local drivepool to the cloud). I manually replicated my data in the cloud using GoodSync, and had relocated the files into the Poolpart folder. Created a combined pool and did a duplication check. This triggered off a series of read and partial writes (and re-uploads) on CD. Based off the technical details, i see the following: Partial re-writes are extremely slow (< 130kbps). I'm n
  3. That was what I was seeing in the error logs. The errors kicked in around 20-30 mins of operations so I'm definitely way below the bandwidth caps. A couple of observations: The issues arose when CD was working on partial re-read/write chunk operations. In that instance the GUI showed i was running way more threads than what I stipulated in the settings. For example, I was downloading with 6-7 threads where my settings indicated 4. The errors seemed to have stopped when I was doing full writes to CD.
  4. BTW I'm hitting the errors upon startup, so it seems to be independent on upload caps. And I've only managed to upload at speeds < 200mbps. So something has changed with Google, but without a clear trend.
  5. Have been getting lots of throttling/server side disconnect messages from Google Drive recently, see below. Have been using the same settings for some time, seems that there's some changes to their throttling mechanism? If this helps, some comments: 1) I had an unsafe shutdown, and as a result i need to reupload 18GB of data. From the tech page, it seems that I'm redownload chunks for partial re-writes. Seems to be fairly intensive vs a straight-upload? 2) The errors have started since I upgraded to the .900/901 builds. 3) I typically run 6 threads, with a max upload speed of 400mbps
  6. borez

    Drive mount Error

    Sadly, I'm back with more problems. I've updated to the latest beta and I need to reauthorize the drive everytime it starts. Logs show a "Cannot start I/O manager for cloud part xxx (security exception). Security error." problem. When I reauthorize (and if I'm lucky), CD gets back online without re-indexing. If I'm not then it re-indexes everything all over. Any idea? 0:00:30.3: Information: 0 : [CloudDrives] Synchronizing cloud drives... 0:00:30.4: Information: 0 : [Main] Cleaning up cloud drives... 0:00:30.5: Information: 0 : [CloudDrives] Valid encryption key specified for clo
  7. BTW, apologies if my earlier post sounded harsh - that was definitely not my intent, and I know it's a small team of 2 managing everything. If I can recollect on my problems - it was all fine and dandy when I upgraded to the release version (0.870). The issue started to kick in between Builds 870-880. I'm not entirely sure if the break was server led (I'm using Google Drive BTW). But I can confirm that the issue is solved when I re-created the drive w/ the release version. My old drive was created way back in the early beta builds. And kudos to a great product: I've been an early
  8. Is the team working on this? I'm getting the same issue, which is pretty annoying. The software re-indexes the drive everytime I boot up. Had waited till it was fully indexed and rebooted - but it re-indexes all over. Tried re-mounting the drive but no avail. I've uploaded my troubleshooter logs though. EDIT: I decided to re-create a new drive (given the comments on pre-release drives in the other thread), and the issue's resolved. So the issue might be related to drives created with pre-release versions.
  9. Unfortunately I've removed the clouddrive, but prior logs should have the errors. Have uploaded the files. Thanks for following up!
  10. Unfortunately tried this, and go go. This is a deal breaker, and I'll be removing the Clouddrive from the drivepool. I'm going back to manual backups - hope future iterations of DP can fix this integration.
  11. Unfortunately no go. Tried both options including the Automatic (delayed) service. The service does get delayed. but it still re-measures. After that i get a duplication inconsistent message and need to re-check all over.
  12. Hi there, First and foremost, congrats on the stable release of CloudDrive. A milestone indeed! Gave CloudDrive a re-spin, and it's much better integrated with Drivepool. I'm successfully running 3x duplication (one offline, one to the cloud via Clouddrive). However, I need to remeasure the pool upon every startup - Drivepool kicks in before CloudDrive is started. I've tried these solutions but to no avail. my virtual disk dependency is correctly set for both CD and DP. http://community.covecube.com/index.php?/topic/1085-how-to-delay-drivepool-service-after-reboot/ My obser
  13. Yep fixes the issue!
  14. Same problem also. Downgrading to .821 didn't help. There are no duplicate folders within Google Drive.
  15. Thanks again for your comments, as always. Specifically on the part below: Get what you mean on this, and understand on the logic. However, the issue was that it was taking forever to remove the CD disk, even when I initiated a "force detach" option. No idea on what was the bottleneck (slow download speeds?). Was comfortable with this as the clouddrive had duplicated data, and it would have been faster to re-dup the files from the offline storage pool. There might be an option for this, but can Drivepool focus on evacuating non-duplicated files, rather than the whole drive? This
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