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  1. I can probably test the first part. I'll use the same service account for two different apps. Cloud berry, and probably rclone. If I can see data from both apps then the first part is not a problem, right? I'm not quite sure what you mean in the second part. How would I be able see this file normally, so I can try to replicate with service account?
  2. Alright. Custom Path would be the best route then, with support for Team Drives (rclone can recognize them, so I know the API is there). So long as the number of potential files stays under 100k, then a Team Drive would hide that activity from my main account. For the crypto-malware issue, I'll just have to use another software that supports service accounts, and back-up the files in the Cloud-Drive (could do a direct copy of the CD files, I suppose). Are you sure the service account can't be used?
  3. I'd love to hear what it is about service accounts that would make then unsuitable. Maybe there is something I'm missing with the way I'm using mine, unless you are just talking about the certificate. On the second point, can you elaborate a bit?
  4. Here is the Google Cloud doc about service accounts: https://cloud.google.com/iam/docs/service-accounts?hl=en_US. Anyone with a G Suite account, and therefore a Drive account, I believe can create a project in GCP and create a Service Account, however I know that anyone with at least the $10/month version of G Suite can do this. The Service Account is then given Drive API access. The Service Account will then share quota with the other members, but for all intents has its own Drive. Nothing the SA does shows up in anyone else's account, unless purposefully made to manipulate other accounts. I can't confirm it, but I'm pretty sure it has its own per-user API limit, as any other user does. Furthermore, it would allow me to separate out accounts for different uses and exposure, in case crypto-malware were to hit. I'm using this tactic with Cloudberry Backup to sync to a Service Account all on its own, while still allowing me to expose the main Drive to the PC without fear that malware would ruin everything.
  5. I want to hide CloudDrive's activity from the rest of my GDrive. There are 2 ways to do this. Have the app use the special hidden AppData folder within GDrive, or to use a Service Account. I have created Service Accounts for use with Cloudberry Backup, and it works great. Can CloudDrive be manually set-up to do this, or would this have to be a feature request?
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