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  1. Hello, for a few days I had now severe problems with my combination out of Scanner, Drivepool and Clouddrive. Today I managed to get some time to look further into the issue. It looks like the last Scanner Beta somehow manages to bring all the external (USB) HDDs to 100% usage while nothing is being transferred. I can reproduce this starting and stopping Stablebit Scanner. Drivepool (which I considered first) works now after stopping the Scanner. Anyone else with this behaviour?
  2. Is more information needed to help me? Would love to sort this problem out ;-) . Uploadqueue is rising...
  3. Hi all, since yesterday I have trouble using Clouddrive on one maschine 19:22:00.4: Warning: 0 : [ChecksumBlocksChunkIoImplementation:15] Expected checksum mismatch for chunk 439804651256, ChunkOffset=0x00600000, ExpectedChecksum=0xb25990f640cc5ab1, ComputedChecksum=0x44aa4b13478d1aa6. 19:22:07.7: Warning: 0 : [IoManager:64] Error performing Write I/O operation on provider. Failed. Checksum mismatch. Data read from the provider has been corrupted. 19:22:07.9: Warning: 0 : [IoManager:54] Error performing Write I/O operation on provider. Failed. Checksum mismatch. Data read from the pro
  4. What do you mean by triggering the error? Trying to open some of the files? Copying them? Anything else?
  5. The problem is still there. Just uploaded the log as requested. CHKDSK on all drives was fine and found no issues.
  6. Since it all the files were readable when I opened them directly I expected something else. Chkdsk will check them now. Might take a couple of days... Phase 2: Die Dateinamenverknüpfung wird untersucht... Status: 382812 von 464978 fertig; Phase: 82%; Insgesamt: 0%; ETA: 999:00:00
  7. The faulty drives are already pulled... I'm in the restoring process (reduplicating etc.) . I would think fixing the NTFS stuff is the next step. Edit: I have tried to fix the issue following http://community.covecube.com/index.php?/topic/2038-fix-file-permissions-windows-10/ result: Any ideas on how to fix this? Perhaps Update to a newer beta?
  8. You are damn right... its the pool. Thanks for mountvol. Did not know this. Once more something learned :-) . When I try to run check-pool-fileparts on the problematic subfolder I get: PS C:\> dpcmd check-pool-fileparts 'K:\sortiert\normal wichtig\' dpcmd - StableBit DrivePool command line interface Version Error: Die Syntax für den Dateinamen, Verzeichnisnamen oder die Datenträgerbezeichnung ist falsch And yeah... looks like some Security stuff is not working... One exemplaric file shows me: Any ideas on how to fix this?
  9. As far as I can see it has something to do with the space... PS C:\> dpcmd get-duplication 'K:\sortiert\normal wichtig\' dpcmd - StableBit DrivePool command line interface Version Illegales Zeichen im Pfad. Usage: dpcmd get-duplication [parameter1 [parameter2 ...]] Command: get-duplication - Outputs duplication related information about the specified path. Parameters: poolPath - Path to a file or folder on the pool. PS C:\> dpcmd get-duplication 'K:\sortiert\unwichtig\' dpcmd - StableBit DrivePool command line interface Version Found '\\?\K:\
  10. Version is Beta. Since the message is being shown and it ends with ... isn't there a way to get the full paths?
  11. You can use compressed air. But the fan must be fixed somehow (with a pencil f.ex) . Otherwise it may generate energy and this can be quite bad.
  12. Hi all, I'm still trying to get everything back running. Atm I removed two faulty drives from the pool. One is showing significant errors on at another computer and chkdsk sorts tons out... The other one is running fine on another computer. However my plan is still to clear it out completely and see what I will do then. After days of rebalancing and duplicating I'm now getting some errors. Drivepool is showing "Duplication Warnings". Most of them are "The system could not find the path." or so. Is there a easy possibility to get a complete list of failed files? Where can I find
  13. Okay. Those SSDs are mSATAs and connect like a dynamic disk. So no possibility to use them as a cache. Next question ^^. I have a couple of problems with a FTP Provider. 14:28:58.2: Information: 0 : [Disks] Got drive letter assign (volume ID: 95cc2933-5347-48cd-8461-43ee22e01e94)... 14:29:13.5: Information: 0 : [Disks] Updating disks / volumes... 14:29:23.1: Warning: 0 : [ApiFtp:90] Error using FTP client. Unable to parse server response to PWD command. 14:29:23.2: Warning: 0 : [IoManager:90] Error performing I/O operation on provider. Retrying. Unable to parse server response to PWD c
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