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  1. Recently got 10 gbit internet with my server, however are seeing that the maximum size of 20 MB in blocks are causing speeds to be limited around 40 MB/s due to the response time delays pr. thread Would love to request that it gets possible to increase the block size further, to acommodate increasing internet speeds over the coming years. maybe a 50 MB block size and ofc. a warning showcasing that high internet speeds are required (just like with the minimal download size)
  2. Its all cores! Goes completely bananas and makes the server unresponsive and leaves me fighting to cancel pinning. Got 12 drives divided on 5 accounts. Some of them made with pre-release - dont know if that effects it ? Will try to do as asked. Must add that i didnt have the issue 5 months ago! Something which came with newer versions
  3. So the massive CPU usage can not be avoided ? My server ends up a cluster fuck as 12 drives pretty much are pinning all the time as when one finishes a new one begins. I got this error on multiple cpu's both xeon , i7-7700 and now i7-8700K
  4. Disabled pinning and the problem is gone - so the cpu usage is most definately related to the pinning feature. so until solved i will have to live without pinning enabled
  5. Do you have multiple drives on multiple accounts ? (i got 12 drives on 5 accounts) Usually goes crazy bananas right after it starts pinning. The rest of the time it is like you say - less than 5%. Upload, Download whatever - only with the pinning it goes crazy!
  6. Awesome - however i still must note that pinning uses massive amounts of CPU (i7-8700K = 99% in intervals) - does it really require that much computing? i would still also request that pinning could be limited to X amount of threads. That way pinning doesnt start to use all threads and maybe the CPU usage goes down (although i know that it is not the usage of all threads causing the CPU usage)
  7. Hi, Was wondering if anyone has issues connecting to the stablebit server? i can't connect no matter what and i have no firewall issues! Happened after upgrading to the newest version (Which can't give a success as the service won't start) Launching CloudDrive.Service.exe i see: "CloudDrive.Service.exe Error: 0 : [Main] Unable to start the StableBit CloudDrive service. Error reading JObject from JsonReader. Path '', line 1, position 23430. Error starting service. Error reading JObject from JsonReader. Path '', line 1, position 23430." Im thinking that the Se
  8. Of course - hope you will look into the pinning issue though - that is a pain in the ass as my computer gets stuck when several drives starts pinning at the same time
  9. Great - thanks This product has become really nice over time and works really well Recommending it to everybody i can! Most of the stuff to be done now is convenience and added providers! Way to go!
  10. steffenmand

    Few requests

    I have a couple of requests i have had for a while! 1. Can we mark all attached drives in the main overview with "green" so we can see what has been attached (just like non-attached are yellow). Would be nice to see what is attached - especially when you use multiple accounts and have a hard time remembering which drive is located where (especially if you need to reauthorize) 2. Queued pinning - make sure only 1 drive can pin at a time - sometimes several drives start pinning and the CPU usage goes to 100% as it goes max thread count on all drives! Would be nice that only 1 dr
  11. Still get massive CPU usage after fighting my way to cancel pinning it stops
  12. Is it possible to get pinning go in a queue ? so that it only does pinning on one server at a time ? Every time this happens i see a lot of servers pinning at the exact same time
  13. Awesome! My server is freezing non stop because of this and even caused some BSOD due to the massive stress on hardware
  14. Service log says error updating statistics non stop file not found
  15. are you using multiple threads ? and what about the chunk size ? i use 20 MB chunks to make sure i download a lot per thread - else i get slow speeds
  16. Still got the issue... But it is 100% the pinning causing it. If i manually cancel the pinning then it quickly goes down again. My guess is that multiple drives start pinning at the same time and they all will run max amount of threads (ie. 15 on mine = 10 drives pinning with 15 threads each = 150 threads)
  17. This issue is often causing my drives to unmount due to them not being able to download anything while freezing. It goes completely crazy at 100% CPU when uploading (and it starts pinning when you upload) Computer is unuseable for 1-15 min. depending on the upload size. Something seriously broke in recent updates - should be seen as a critical issue! What can i do to get you to look into fixing this ?
  18. Never had this pinning issue before i updated after the Google API had some changes (which caused reauthorisation all the time). It is related to recent updates! Pinning should ofc. happen, but maybe it should be queued so all drives dont start pinning exactly at the same time ?
  19. Yea i can confirm also that it is the pinning that jumps the CPU usage. Don't know if it is because i have 16 different drives?
  20. Might be related to pinning ? I see all my drives pinning at the same time when it happens
  21. After getting Google updated so we dont have to reauthorize again i get massive CPU usage. It can get to so high a load that i cant control my computer for a while when it uploads. Didnt have this problem before - did something change ??
  22. I've had folders dissappear too. I used recovery software to locate it, so i could put it on a new drive Not been able to reproduce!
  23. This would be awesome! Having read only drives would be awesome, especially if you could have one have write access at the same time! Then we can avoid this workaround sharing of drives
  24. Could it possibly be you who forgot that you set a higher minimal download size ? It greatly increases the speeds (i got 400-800 mbit on mine with minimal download of 20 MB)
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