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  1. Just wanted to chime in here that I experienced something similar to this earlier this year and made a post about it. Whenever I added files, random files/folders would disappear from the drive. I can also confirm that it wasn't just files in the upload queue disappearing and definitely not some automated software deleting my files since I didn't have anything like that running. I still don't know exactly what caused this but I've since deleted the entire drive and made a new one since I figured something was wrong with the drive and didn't want to keep looking for random missing files. So far
  2. It happened twice but it doesn't seem to happen anymore. The first time I was copying 4 folders into the drive and when it completed I believe 2-3 other folders in that same directory disappeared. The second time I was copying a single file into a folder and I actually saw a file in that some folder disappear as soon as it finished copying. I tried copying the file that went missing back into the folder but that caused other files in that folder to disappear. I then deleted that entire folder and copied it again into the drive but that had the same effect of making other folders in that same f
  3. Hello, I've been using CloudDrive and I'm currently on the latest beta build .877 using google drive. It seems that half of my files have disappeared. It started when I was copying a file into the drive and I noticed that when it finished copying, some other files in that same directory were gone. I went up to the root directory and various other folders had also disappeared. In the clouddrive ui it says that I've used 12.2TB of storage but the drive in windows shows about 6.1TB used. So half the data isn't being shown which seems weirdly specific. I've tried running chkdisk but it says the dr
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