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  1. Excatly what i wanted :-D let my speed be unleashed! hopefully this will make it to amazon as well when you get the answers from them as well :-)
  2. perfect :-D thought it would log off the other one :-) thanks!
  3. Hi, Just a request for the future. Currently (to my knowledge) it is not possible to connect to two different accounts at the same provider. I keep backups of my stuff on a seperate account in case that one gets hacked, deleted by mistake or something else. In this case it would be great to be able to connect to both at the same time and perhaps use drivepool to combine them and ensure one drive is a backup of the other one. Thanks :-)
  4. Thanks for being so open :-) Regarding their limits i read their term "a client instance" as an user connection and not a representation of your application! Should their limits limit the amount of threads, could it not be possible to allow larger chunk size on amazon? like 5 mb chunks or maybe even 10mb. Sitting on a 1 gbit line i would love to be able to utilize the fastest speed possible. Then rather have large chunks and more threads than smaller chunks and less threads. But hopefully they will get you on track for the final release so we can get some purchases going for stablebi
  5. Of course - i was just referring to the fact that Alex mentioned their numbers would result in 10 cloud drives tops - made no sence they would limit your bandwidth pr. app, this way all popular apps would end up being with crap speeds in the end. I know the limitations are there now, but yea 2 mbps doesn't give you a hell lot of speed - look forward to seeing you getting things worked out with amazon, i'm just glad that the efforts of complaining to amazon helped getting this on track again!
  6. Sounds great! Then we are heading somewhere I seriously don't hope that they limit bandwidth pr. app - it should be limited pr. user. Why should i get lower speeds because i use a tool for their drive, than using the drive itself.. no logic behind that! You create an awesome product and it gets to shit because it was popular - no logic again Netdrive must have a great deal of users and we still get good speeds (getting 30-32 mb/s upload and around 25 mb/s download), so must be something misunderstood between amazon and you guys
  7. no luck in getting in contact with amazon yet ? :-)
  8. I'm pretty sure the limits are quite high. I'm getting around 33 mb/s with netdrive (which is far inferior to Stablebit Cloud Drive). I think the issue must be around the max amount of threads and therefore the amount of api calls due to each thread making calls. Thank god it was more people than me who showed an interest in getting Stablebit up and running which hopefully will lead to them starting to reply! All in all, your product is awesome
  9. Nvm this - ended up being a windows error fixed by reinstall
  10. It's beta, what do you expect. They are working on Cloud Drive, give it time to work properly
  11. If you get the dialogue going, we will keep nagging the amazon team to get them to work out stuff quickly for you guys We are a lot just waiting for Amazon to work properly!
  12. I noticed they new beta builds had some changes to amazon cloud drive - have you started doing changes to get it out of experimental mode? Did Amazon wake up and start giving you replies?
  13. Really sad. I hope Amazon will wake up and fix their API so Stablebit can get theirs running. Works great, just with limited speed.
  14. I get your problems - i just hope that the attention from an amazon employee now can help with the dialogue and get you to look into amazon again :-) its already by far better than existing apps and with increased speed it will pull users to amazon as well as new purchases of cloud drive or the bundle
  15. https://forums.developer.amazon.com/forums/thread.jspa?threadID=9355&tstart=0 an amazon employee is looking into your case now :-) i hope you will get some answers now so you will take it up again :-)
  16. no specific use case as for files atm. but imagine 15 gb files or more in 1 mb chunks, they could be 5 mb or 10 mb chunks. with 1 mb as a limit (why not let the users choose?) you are bound to get tons and tons of calls. about files that disappear i know that happens on both netdrive, expandrive and even amazons own desktop app sometimes, so it is an error on their side. Ive experienced it several times myself - in those apps the solution is to upload agsin. of course with chunks ot is more important to make sure that everything gets up correctly and i guess that upload verification is the
  17. Really sad.. have you done some fixes to get your status changed again? Guess one of the major issues could be the thousands of api calls due to the small chunk size and multiple threads. This could be solved by increasing the chunk size and limiting the amount of threads. Look forward to reading the details about as this is really sad news for me :-( Stablebit Cloud Drive really is a great upcoming product and the cheap cloud space would really make it awesome product so it is both a loss for amazon and you as well!
  18. Hi, Great product you have here i'll definately be a customer as soon as Amazon Cloud Drive gets working. Just wanted to get some insight to expected timeframes.. 1. I could read that you got pulled out of production due to a single user running with 50 mb/s - couldn't you limit this on your end, making sure that no user can reach that again ? 2. What is the possibility that more clients can get attached to the same cloud ? We often access stuff on several computers and it would be nice to have them all connected at once, instead of just detaching and attaching every time.
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