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  1. ok, thanks, good to know! for now ive disabled the feature as described further above
  2. is that still valid? meaning are the newer beta versions not allowing spin down? cos i didnt see anything in the ftp release notes (should be in there ;-)) . Also the advanced setting you posted looks encryption related, wouldnt it make more sense to only do these checks IF the drive is in fact using bitlocker?
  3. As this relates to the original question: I followed the whs migration guide, but the folders I am supposed to move to do not exist yet in most of the drivepool directories (only on one or two drives). Am I safe to assume that just creating the neede folders (e.g. "ServerFolders/Users/Markus) and then moving stuff from the DE shares into the newly created folders is ok/safe?
  4. i also now have an areca card (needed more ports and threw out the highpoint card) and would like to see support for smart attributes in stablebit scanner. Been using scanner since 2011 and currently upgrading from a whs to ws2012r2 with drivepool (been reading passively on the forum for a couple of weeks, familiarizing myself with everything) Update: HD Sentinel Pro can read all smart data for the card
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