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  1. Hi guys, I just caught up with the changelist, and I noticed that "unencrypted" drives are now actually encrypted with a public static key. Are there plans to publish this key? Has it been published anywhere? I think it's important to have access to it for data recovery purposes. Thanks!
  2. I've been using v1.0.0.428 with various combinations of Download/Upload threads ranging from 2 to 5 as recommended above. My forward prefetching is also set to 10 MB. I will try more threads and report back. PS: Is there a way to extend the CloudDrive trial? I have less than a week left. Edit: I set my download threads to 10, but I'm not seeing more than 3-4 being used at once. Having trouble downloading at higher than ~20 Mbps. Connection maxes at 300 Mbps.
  3. Hi devs! Have you guys published (or considered publishing) any information on the file format used at the cloud level? While I am a huge fan of all your software, I am a bit hesitant to use Cloud Drive as a long-term solution without a guarantee that files are recoverable without the use of proprietary software. Thanks, and hope you understand my concerns!
  4. Hi everyone, Are people still getting great speeds through Google Drive? I tried it a week ago, and I couldn't get it to be reliable enough to stream 20 Mbps video on any combination of settings. I have a 300/20 Mbps connection. If it's just me, I can gather logs and see if there's anything strange going on. Thanks!
  5. Yes, large caches definitely improve performance, but I'm looking for random access performance (well, random file access with high prefetching hit-rate). I will keep investigating :-)
  6. I'd love to hear everyone's experiences with the currently supported providers. I'm trying to find the fastest, but most consistent one, and so far I'm not very happy with the ones I tried. My goal is to hopefully find one that allows me to stream video with 20 Mbps+ bitrate. My connection is very stable at 300 Mbps down, 20 Mbps up. Amazon Cloud Drive: I was able to upload a large file near max speed, but I was constantly being throttled (forgot the specific errors from CloudDrive) and getting <5 Mbps speeds when trying to stream it back down. Dropbox: Same experience as Amazon Cloud Drive, but somewhat slower upload. Box: Best service so far, with max download speeds up to 30 Mbps, but not very stable. Still not good enough. File share to my DrivePool server: Best experience so far with 1 Gbps speeds to and from the server ;-) Has anyone tried Amazon S3 or GCS? They seem a bit expensive for archiving large amounts of data, but they might be a bit more reliable.
  7. I'd like to know if Google Drive will be supported. I believe they have a REST API available. Thanks!
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