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  1. Hey Christopher is the Linksys WRT1200AC router have the features ill need for my server? I can get it locally for 119.99
  2. hey cris im getting g a certificate error can u help fix it
  3. quick ? are you running standard crashplan on ihomeserver?
  4. hey cris can u help me fix my servers dns setting I ran some updates for windows and I got red x on server 2012 dns options thanks in advance
  5. its joined I believe but I only see server in my domain if I type \\devitoserver in a browser window unlike when I had a workgroup I saw my "server" under workgroup all the time
  6. I think I tried that correctly and it didn't work
  7. exactly that... can u help me fix it?
  8. its something on my server blocking saved passwords for remote desktop
  9. server has been running flawless. the only issue now Is that my remote desktop cant save password.. something about security credentials
  10. I disabled the printer spooler service on server and all has been fine since
  11. connector on laptop wasn't connecting to server and now I can remote desktop into server from anywhere using my username and password
  12. having new issues .... I hinks services are either not starting correctly or jst messed up on server and now the connector on my laptop is not connecting to the server even though I have access to the network drive. what can I do ??? I love 2012 but im starting to wonder if its to much for me...
  13. thanks Cristopher all is running well just one last ? how do I switch anywhere access from folder view to remote desktop view? this would be perfect....
  14. het Christopher can u help me wth aremote session again im having an issue with my remote desktop services on server essentials and saw a video online about loading a certificate of some sort but not sure what to do. otherwise server is running great and I got my black drive replaced today.
  15. Ryo

    scanner shows Damaged

    I think I got remote setting installed but im confused and still don't have remote access
  16. Ryo

    scanner shows Damaged

    this is all beyond me
  17. Ryo

    scanner shows Damaged

    remote desktop gateway is running but im lost after that
  18. Ryo

    scanner shows Damaged

    something to do with remote desktop I tried setting up anywhere access and I think I screwed something up
  19. Ryo

    scanner shows Damaged

    may be getting drive warrantied even though it ran out in 4/2/2015 having some errors on my server any chance I can get help clearing them up
  20. Ryo

    scanner shows Damaged

    my black drive is showing up Damaged and my green drive has smart warnings.... should I discard these drives?
  21. Ryo

    crashplan personal

    will cloud drive support crashplan personal edition on windows server 2012 R2 essentials?
  22. is cloudDrive hosted by stablebit? can I mirror my drivepool to the cloud drive? this would be great....
  23. does the connector software auto join my pc to the domain?
  24. fixed drivepool now just gotta get domain working to domain or to workgroup fix this is the ?
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