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    Hello, Drivepool works very well, but I am having an issue. Over the course of about a week my computer's available memory gradually decreases and eventually I get a BSOD like in the attached. Unfortunately when this happens, although Windows is set to reboot on error, it is not doing that, I believe because the file system is not available for it to write the dump/log file. I could almost live with this if the computer would reboot, but I often remote into this PC, so when it does die, I have to physically go to it to reboot it, which is not convenient. I am not sure what other info yo
  2. This method does not seem to work for my USB 3 JBOD disks. When I select those, diskpart says "Location Path : UNAVAILABLE"
  3. >> Could you enable file system logging and reproduce the issue? I uploaded a log at the wiki link as well as a link in the description to a short screen cap showing what I see.
  4. >> As for the pool, I think I may have mis-understood you here. I don't think you misunderstood. DrivePool is managing two different pools, one is purely internal drives and the other purely external drives, neither is heterogeneous. "D:" is a pool of six internal drives, and "E:" is a pool of four external drives. For some reason, when "E:" disappeared (yes, if I turn off the tower "E:" is removed), DrvePool thought it needed to "measure" "D:". At least that is what seemed to happen, although maybe I don't understand what this step is and what triggers it. >> However,
  5. Watching more closely with Windows Explorer and the DrivePool UI open, it looks like what happens is the pool does get unmounted but then it gets re-mounted again within a matter of seconds. Is there some "auto detect" feature I can turn off? If I just turn off the tower when the drives should not be active I get messages from DrivePool that disks in the pool are no longer available and such. It also sends DrivePool into a lot of disk activity "Measuring..." the internal pool that should not have changed at all. I'd like to keep things cleaner if possible.
  6. I am running DrivePool 2.x on Windows 7. Am I able to unmount a pool? If I click on the "Safely Remove Hardware" thingy in the tray and select the "Eject Covecube Virtual Disk", nothing seems to happen. The drive letter for the pool remains, although a windows balloon tells me that the device is now safe to remove. I'm not asking about adding/removing drives from the pool, but affecting the availability of the pool itself. Specifically, I am asking in regards to an external Mediasonic JBOD tower that I would like to turn off occasionally. I have a pool configured that contains all of,
  7. OK, thanks for trying. I don't know how/if your competition (StorageSpaces, DriveBender) handles symlinks. Sounds like it is harder than I thought it wuld be. No worries.
  8. I installed the above on Win7. I was able to successfully create a symlink. However, if I try to access the files via that link I don't see any files. If I look at the PoolPart directory the link appears to be created correctly and it does resolve to the target location. Also; in Win Explorer, if I do a properties of the PoolPart object it shows a "Shortcut" tab, but the properties of the CoveFS object don't show a Shortcut tab. The CoveFS object icon does show the shortcut arrow thingy though. C:\Users\JazzMan>d: D:\>cd pictures D:\Pictures>dir "d:\so
  9. Just had a project where it would have been nice if the DrivePool volume supprted the creation of symbolic links (mklink). I did what I needed to by having the link targets reference the individual drives that made up the pool, but having direct support for this within DrivePool would have been a plus. Not sure how hard that would be to add or what issues there might be.
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