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  1. Drashna: One more question: if StableBit no longer shows up on the WHS2011 Add-ins page, how do I know there is an updated version, other than going to the StableBit website? Any thoughts to adding a note to the WHS2011 StableBit page that an update is available? Thanks
  2. Drashna: Thanks for your insight, I appreciate it. Mark
  3. Thanks for your help! I was able to install the latest version. Strange behavior though... The StableBit scanner page shows up in WHS2011 with all the disks listed as expected. However, the WHS2011 Add-ins page no longer shows StableBit Scanner. The StableBit DrivePool still shows up though. I rebooted the computer but the StableBit Scanner still doesn't show up in the Add-ins page.
  4. I've been running StableBit Scanner V2.5.1.3062 on a WHS2011 machine for years. Today I noticed there is an update, V2.5.4.3216, so I downloaded it. When I tried to install it, I got an error message saying that I had to uninstall the previous version from the dashboard, which I did, rebooted, installed again with the same error message. Any suggestions on how to install the update, or maybe the update isn't for WHS2011? BTW, I reinstalled V2.5.1.3062 without a problem. Thanks
  5. Thanks for your help! BTW, I figured that was the answer since Covecube puts some thought into the software they design.
  6. Can you move a disk from one SATA port and/or drive letter to another without DrivePool getting confused? I can power down the server if that makes it easier for DP. I couldn't find any mention of this in this forum. Thanks
  7. Thanks, I appreciate the advice! BTW, I've installed StableBit Scanner (in addition to DrivePool which I previously bought). Right now I've got the 30-day trial, but I'm going to buy it in the next day or two when I get a spare minute. Keep up the good work at StableBit!
  8. I appreciated that you took a look at the logs and recommended reinstalling the O/S. I reinstalled DrivePool and am putting the files back onto it. I'll add Scanner after that's done. Funny you should bring up backup. I'm using the WHS machine both for backup as well as a fileserver holding documents and media. Therefore there are 3 classes of files to potentially backup. The O/S, the other machines' backups, and the fileserver files. The fileserver files are protected using DrivePools duplication feature. I'm not too concerned about the other machines' backups since the other machines' a
  9. Thanks for the help. I reinstalled the OS and I've succesfully backed up a couple of machines. I haven't installed DrivePool yet, so it is a work in progress.
  10. I uninstalled DrivePool and the same above symptoms occur, even after a reboot. Interestingly, I had to remove DrivePool from the control panel Programs applet since the Dashboard Add-ins tab is empty and doesn't work.
  11. I uploaded WHSlogs.zip with the password "StableBitDrivePool" to https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/4971216/WHSlogs.zip I can connect to http://{servername}/connect and http://{servername}:{portnumber}/connect OK. I already checked that the WHS web server was working since MS suggested that might be a poblem. I'm in the process of copying my files elsewhere before I uninstall DrivePool. I'll uninstall it and let you know the results when the copying is done. However, since DrivePool worked for a week without any changes I doubt that is the problem. Also, I have more faith in StableBit
  12. My new WHS 2011 system worked for a week or so then the Dashboard's Users and Add-ins tabs went empty. I'm using Stablebit's Drivepool. Drivepool is exactly what I needed to make WHS 2011 work the way I wanted it to (i.e. like WHS V1). I'm 99.9999% sure that Drivepool hasn't caused the problem. The reason I'm submitting this post here is because I couldn't find an answer to my problem on Google, several MS forums, some server forums, and more... The one person I found that had similar symptoms used an external HDD that caused the problem. I'm different in that the system doesn't have any exter
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