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  1. Thanks for the response. And just to clarify, if both pools have the Documents folder, when I follow the instructions above the separate Documents folders will combine and not overwrite or anything, correct? Also, on the old pool F (made up of physical drive E and H), a Video_TS folder's contents is split amongst both drives. When the folders are moved out of the pool and into the new pool, the Video_TS folder contents will appear recombined on the pooled drive?
  2. I've been running Stable Bit on my HP X510 running WHS 2011. I just built a new server as I was running out of space. After building the new server (and not realizing I could simply move the old hard drives to the new server and rebuild the pool), I created a new pool and started transferring data over my network. The new pool is drive Z. It was taking a really long time to transfer stuff, so did some research (too late) and saw that I could move the hard disks over. I have now moved the leftover disks over and they rebuilt the old pool F. So on my new server I have two pools, Z and F,
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