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  1. Changing Smart_NoWmi to True in the scanner.service.exe.config file has resolved my SMART error issues. Thank you!
  2. More information if you need it: - when the brand new disk and the original healthy drive say they have SMART warnings and I select Show SMART the details are those of the drive that first started giving me the SMART errors...the one that WD sent me a replacement for. the details on both these disks show 18 relocated sectors and 62 power cycles etc when they are not healthy. - When the new disk says HEALTHY and I select Show SMART the details are 0 relocated sectors and 7 start/stop cycles. - When the original disk that did not have SMART errors says HEALTHY and I select show SMART the det
  3. What settings do I change on the throttling tab? My throttling settings are: Scan using Background I/O priority: checked Do not interfere with disk access: checked Medium sensitivity Do not interfere with other disks on the same controller: checked Thanks. Grabbing the beta and will try after I hear back from you about the throttling.
  4. Looking for some guidance on my issue... Windows 7 x64 StableBits scanner 2.4.2928 StableBits Drivepool 2.0.420 Intel z77 internal SATA 3.0 Gb/s connections Intel SATA driver version StableBit Scanner started to warn me about SMART errors on one of my two WD RED 3TB drives in a 6TB StableBit Drivepool. "S.M.A.R.T. is not predicting imminent disk failure. However, some well known S.M.A.R.T. attributes that are indicators of mechanical problems are showing signs that the drive could be faililing" Drives actually bounce back and fourth in Scanner between "Healthy" and "S
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